♫ Ac-centuate The Positive ♫

Sorry it's been radio silence around here for a while. I've put all of my time and energy into worrying about this big galoot.

He's been VERY sick for about 10 days now and it's just been within the last 24 hours that I see some improvement and actually believe he will come out of the woods eventually. Long story short, he was prescribed aspirin for the tendinitis in his new knee and had a really bad reaction to it. For the last 10 days he wouldn't eat much and what he did it came out in ways it wasn't supposed to. He lost his oomph and Ben-ness, as you can see from the picture, and I was really afraid I'd lose him. Thank goodness for Dr. Estelle. I think she finally has him headed down the right path.

That said I didn't focus on much else this week other than the potential impending disaster and forgot to focus on the many positive things I have to smile about every day. For instance:

These are my inpatients (Franklin's favorite flower). They may be the dandelions of the garden flower world, but these are an absolute miracle given my notoriously BLACK thumb. I've had these for a whole month! They're still alive! They even look healthy! This has never happened to me before. Usually if a plant sees me contemplating bringing it home from the greenhouse it just leaps to it's death right there rather than be subjected to my wrath. I have no idea why these are thriving. I don't remember making any kind of pact with the devil but there was that one night when I had a half a paper cup of Chocovine!

Another thing that makes me smile is my newly spun and Navajo plied 'Highlighter' yarn. I plan to use it with black to make stranded mittens.

The colors make me happy just looking at them.

And my final smile-inducing blessing for this post is this:

The barn swallows have a nest up in the corner of my patio. Remember thGrumpy McFeatherbutt who leaped to his fate a couple of weeks ago and I took to the wild animal folks? Well he had two siblings that are smart enough to stay put until it's time to leave the nest. They're almost ready and Ben and I get the evil eyeball (Biggify pic to see what I mean) whenever we go in or out the sliding glass door. The parents of this guy are in the process of building another nest two rafters over and they bomb dive us when we come out. It's an epic Hitchcockean adventure just to get out to the sidewalk. They're pretty fierce for little feathered puffs that don't weigh any more than a dust ball. I don't think it even occurs to them that I could show them just why Badminton players call the shuttle cock, the 'birdy'. They are too cute and provide both of us with endless entertainment.

Anyway, now that it appears the worst is behind us, I can focus on the many blessings I have in my life rather than borrowing trouble. What blessings do you have to smile about.


Michelle said…
Here's my big blessing -- I've been wanting to figure out for YEARS how to add musical notes to my blog posts, and now I see that you will be able to tell me the secret I've been searching for! Oh great one, tell me how to create musical notes like the ones in your title, so I can WAY overuse them!
Cindy G said…
Oh, I'm so glad Ben's doing better. It's been a rough go for the two of you.

My blessings, visit from daughter today; also finally (!) made arrangements to have the upstairs windows replaced (maybe next year the downstairs?).
Barb said…
Well, if the look from the bird doesn't put you in your place I don't know what would. She looks serious!
dale-harriet said…
My blessings? Well, on this, my son's wedding day, MANY! But the cherished blessing that comes first to mind? That our dear friend Bentley (who lives with our dear friend MollyBee) is on the mend!
MadCityMike said…
Happy to hear that Ben is getting back towards his old self! We don't like to hear that his "Momma" is so worried that she thinks of nothing else. Sending best wishes to Ben for an even speedier recovery!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Whew about Ben! And wow, Navajo plying... it looks fabulous!
DPUTiger said…
I'm so glad Mr. Ben is doing better. Can't wait to see what that highlighter yarn grows up to be!
Pobrecita Ben! He looks so delicate. He's lucky to have such a good dog mom. That neon yarn will look wonderful stranded with black. Nothing could be better. Not a blessing, but I am thankful for Pretzel M & M's. My big blessing is modern medicine. Were it not for that I figure I only had like 3 more years left. Raise the roof for the docs.
Sara in WI said…
Ooooh! Where did you find the Highlighter roving, please? I just had my 3 year anniversary of being cancer free, AND my son just turned 33. Many blessings in my life!
Elizabeth said…
I'm happy to read that Ben is on the mend. Sorry I've been so out of the loop through all of it. Hugs to both of you.
kmkat said…
Love the highlighter yarn -- perfect name for that colorway. The mittens will be fabulous.

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