Precious Little Knitting and Things That Go Snap In The Night

I've been doing precious little knitting lately...

Get it!? 'Precious little knitting'? Ha! I kill me! Here are the wee baby socks that match the hat from the last post. I've also gotten a sizable chunk of the scarf that I had previously abandoned, done this weekend. It's no Dr. Who scarf a la Chocolate Sheep, but it's all cabley and takes some thinking. I will be able to get even more done tomorrow seeings how I have to sit with my foot up one more day. Why you ask? Because, I answer, if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all lately. I managed to break my left pinky toe Friday night. How you ask? Short answer-I bumped it. The long answer involves one of my neighbors drunkenly serenading the neighborhood at 11:30 PM, setting off Ben and Holli (who is visiting for a few days) and sending me scrambling to stop the cacophony on all counts. There was singing, and barking and howling and darkness. There was shushing and cursing and total chaotic mayhem during which one little piggy got crunched and went Oweee, Oweeee, Oweee all the way to Immediate Care on Saturday.

Good news, I didn't have to put the knee-high boot, that I just got out of, back on. Bad news, I got what my doctor called a UAS (Ugly A** Shoe) to wear on it instead. It's a very stylish number made out of plywood, blue canvas and Velcro. At least it keeps my toes from bending thus cutting down on the pain (a veeeerrryy little). Although I found out that it does NO good when you take a direct hit from above by a big, floppy, dog paw. I verified this fact by testing it several times over the last couple of days. Nope. No protection at all. Now you know. I do these experiments so you don't have to. At least the openness of the 'shoe' allows me to show off my hand knit socks for the next two weeks. Well, at least one of them anyway!

Charity Knitting is tomorrow night at The Sow's Ear. I figure since I can't go to work, I'd better follow doctor's orders and not got there either, although I am starved for non-canine companionship! I will switch from my scarf to a charity project (baby blanket that I am crocheting), drink a cuppa tea and have imaginary conversations with my co-charity knitters tomorrow night from 5:30-8:30 in their honor. I missed Saturday afternoon knitting too. I was conked out from lying awake all night Friday. Hopefully, I'll be back in the saddle by November 7th for Knit Night, although that seems really far away and I may need to organize a Knit Night here before that. I miss my peeps!

Anyway, back at it, the scarf awaits....Have a great Monday everyone!


Cindy G said…
Oh man, I assumed the broken toe was from the previous fall. It has been a string of really bad luck. I'm sending positive thoughts.

BTW, the baby socks are so sweet.
Surely the charity knitters could extend a little extra charity and come over to your place to knit!
MadCityMike said…
Please, Please, Pleeeeease, take care of yourself! I agree with Michelle.....bring the knitters to you!
Sending best wishes for a fast recovery so you can "get outta the joint".
Sus said…
Oh no! I certainly hope this little bout of bad luck is over! Rest well and take care!!
Kitty Mommy said…
Well, crud...your peeps miss you too!

Note to the powers that be: For the love of wool, give poor Miz Bee a break!
Elizabeth said…
We took a vote on Saturday and we all agreed you have had way more than your share of bad luck lately. Time to spread it around a bit.
DPUTiger said…
too bad i'm not local, or i'd totally crash your private party tonight! Feel better soon! :)
peaknits said…
Good gravy, I'm not sure who has worse luck - you or that darn dog:) Get better soon!!
Mo said…
Very cute baby socks and its nice to hear that Ben is able to visit a bit with his sweetie, Holli.

I just finished The Lace Reader and it was great!

Now settle the dogs, grab a big cup of tea, couple of sweets and a good book and REST!
Lisa said…
Poor little piggy!

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