Busier Than A Long Tailed Cat In A Room Full Of Rocking Chairs

Boy Howdy, was last week busy! Seems like I was on the tear every day and evening. This week seems to be queueing up to be the same with Dish Cloth Night at The Sow's Ear on Tuesday and Knit Night on Friday. Saturday will find me up in Adams- Friendship helping friends close up their cottage for the winter. And I'll need to find an hour or two for cat wrangling time in there as well as baking up something for Bosses Day on Thursday. Wheeeee!

Last Friday night, Friend-Donna took me to The Memorial Union for a drink and to shoot the breeze. I am ashamed to admit that I have lived here for 18 years and never been to the Union. I DON'T drive downtown-especially right after work when 8,000,000 of my closest friends are trying to get there too! But it was an absolutely beautiful autumn evening and I had a blast and now I regret that I can't get there more often. The people watching was magnificent! When we first got there, it was mostly students. I was amazed at the way everyone was set up in cliques just like the high school cafeteria, the jocks at one table, computer geeks and another and so on and so forth. Based on the deep conversations...not...coming from the table next door, I have decided that college is wasted on the young as far as academic content is concerned. I know it was when I went. I think you should work at a minimum wage job for at least five years after high school until your brain is more fully formed and THEN get to go. I'm envious of all the learning opportunities down there, but man, you couldn't pay me to go back to the hormonal zoo right out of high school again! Then as more folks got there, it got more diverse and more lubricated and more interesting, if ya know what I mean. I loves me some good people watching. We ended the evening with a slab of spanakopita (I think...Greek spinach/feta pie) and baklava at the Parthenon. I came home a happy girl.

Saturday I did my kitten taming stint. There were two 6 week old tortoise shell kittens and an older feral cat. I concentrated on the older cat since there was a bunch of home schoolers there playing with the kittens. Blazing Billie loves to play with the cat dancer but just try and touch him and he runs away. I finally cabbaged him, snuggled and snogged him, and got him to relax a bit after a fashion. Another 28,000 cuddle sessions and he may be adoptable. Maybe.

Sunday I frogged my frog hat (how appropriate!) and decided to concentrate on another project before I did harm to myself or others. Ears? No problem. Joining without a twist and getting the seed stitch to come out right? BIG PROBLEM. I musta starting that sucker 8 or 9 times and still wasn't happy with it. Either the seed pattern was off or the joins were too loose or whatever. I'm going to work on a scarf that I'm making for a holiday gift and let froggie marinate a bit more before I tackle it again. (Ewww! Marinated frog!) I've worn the first 20 feet of the yarn right out knitting and raveling it.

We celebrated CARE Week at work last week. It's a national thing that companies do to celebrate their customers and customer facing groups. We got gifts every day including a $25 gas card, a Bucky Book, movie tickets and a cool vest. We also got lunch on Monday and breakfast on Thursday. I think we should have CARE Week every week! ;-)

Wednesday, we had our corporate quarterly meeting in the auditorium. Every October we celebrate people's anniversaries at the company with videos and stories and entertainment. This year was special because it was my 15th and the company's/founder's 30th anniversary. There were about 30 of us sitting down front in the auditorium celebrating 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. I was shocked with the Chancellor of the UW and Governor Doyle both showed up to give congratulatory addresses. They both know I'm shy and don't like to be pointed out and fussed over so they both pretended to concentrate on the companies anniversary, but I know that they came for just for me! We also had a small 'Dancing With The Stars' competition, 'Richard Simon's and his Simmonettes; doing a dance routine and ;Marilyn Monroe' sang 'Happy Anniversary' to the Company president. Beats running and fetching and filing and typing all afternoon!

As a 15 year gift, I got to pick out a $1500 gift card to anywhere I wanted. I picked a BP Gas card. Free gasoline for a year! ChaChing!

So all in all it was a good week to be Molly Bee. I was busy, had fun and raked in the goods. I could get used to this!


DPUTiger said…
Wow! Whatta Week! That sounds like much fun ... and free gas for a year? Yeah! Of course, I might have been tempted to pick my LYS! ;-)
Elizabeth said…
That Gov Doyle sure is considerate, not making a fuss over you in a crowd. ;)

I hope you get a chance to sit and relax soon. But Friday I'll try to see you out at Late Night Knitting.
Wow, I wish I'd had YOUR busy week! Mine has been busy in much less fun and exciting ways, and I'm about to snap. (I'm leaving town tomorrow for eight days - sister's wedding - hence the craziness.)
Lisa said…
Congratulations you mad wild woman! I was thinking earlier tonight that I will re-read "women who run with the wolves"... (hoping the new email worked on the comment sign in)
MadCityMike said…
Gas OVER Fiber???? Color me totally surprised!!!
The week was a total success and I wish you many more of them. Keep drinkin' that espresso!
Kitty Mommy said…
Wow! What a great week! See you tonight!
I love that saying about the cat! My son uses that a few times a year and it makes me laugh.
Gas Card...good one.
Posie Knit said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLIE BEE!!! I will be at Knit Night this Friday. Looking forward to it!
peaknits said…
Holy gift cards - what a treat - and gas is only 2.99, think of all that gas!!:) Your week sounds busy but pretty darn awesome! Way to go!
Where do you work? I want to work there for the entertainment and the presents.