Superior Service With A Smile, Dude!

Put together a pizza lunch at work today for my kids and a colleague who’s visiting from Spain. Called the local pizza joint and ordered 5 large pizzas and soda. Told him I needed it at noon. He asked me how 11:30 worked for me? I told him that my meeting was at noon and that I didn’t want the pies sitting around getting cold for 30 minutes before lunch. I had called plenty early and I’d need it between 11:50 and noon. He told me that he understood and that he’d take care of it.

At 11:30, the Front Desk called and said that the pizza guy was here and wanted to talk to me. I went down and found out that he was delivering pizza to someone else in the building at 11:30 and had my order in the car. He said, and I quote,

“Dude, do you just want yer pizza now? Or I can, like, drive around with it for 20 minutes or so and bring it back….”

Heavy sigh….

I told him that I would accept the order. He gave me 4 pizzas and asked me to sign the slip. I asked where the other pizza was and he said that there were only four on the order. Sure enough, the 5th pizza that I had ordered over the phone and made the order taker read back to me wasn’t on the order at all. This was the first time I had used this store and I guess it will be the last time. Too bad because the pizza was tasty (chicken alfredo=yum!) but bad customer service is one of my big pet peeves and there are so many other pizza places in the sea.

I was pretty proud of myself for not creating a new orifice for the delivery guy. It wasn’t his fault. He was only like six years old or something and the man I ordered from was much older. I know the because HE didn’t even call me ‘Dude’ once. I’m betting Pizza Order Taker Guy told Pizza Delivery Guy to drop off the 11:30 order, go take a 15-20 minute drive or nap or whatever and then bring mine back. He didn't realize that 'Pizza Delivery Guy's too young to have a fully formed brain and would, like, spill the beans on the whole evil plot, Dude! Which makes the whole thing even WORSE! Aaarggghh!

(And with that, her huff pulled up and so she left in it. )


cheesehead with sticks said…
ahh! I can't believe he actually ASKED you that! Dude.
Kitty Mommy said…

Don't know if I'll make it to the Ear tomorrow or not. KittyDaddy made plans for us to see his dad in Milwaukee tomorrow. Guess which I would rather do? ;o)
Kitty Mommy said…
P.S. In true stalkerish fashion, I figured out where your place of employ is. We waved at you and hollered "Hi Molly Bee" on the way to Farmers' Market yesterday when we drove past.
Elizabeth said…
Dude! I've been formulating a theory about # of food items ordered : errors in the order. The greater the number of items, the greater the likelihood of error. And it's exponential! 5 pizzas and beverages was just asking for trouble in the modern world.
DPUTiger said…
Lying ass.

Doesn't matter how yummy the pie was. I'm with you -- never again.
Cindy G said…
Arrrrrgh! I know it's not a good idea to put the name of the place here, but I hope you tell everyone in the office...

I would have thought maybe they were trying to save gas costs by combining deliveries, except for the "drive around for 15-20minutes" part.
A Hunter Story said…
I think we are related. I hate poor customer service! I won't go back to a store or restaurant even if I like there food or stuff if I am not treated well! I am sorry it didn't work out the way it should have. I glad it tasted good though.
dale-harriet said…
Having worked in Customer Service (Pleasant Company, remember?) I'm even more hypersensitive to bad CS than others. It's inexcusable. I hope it was all still passable when you DID get to it. ("Chicken alfredo"? I think I know who you called.) I once put in an order for a veggie sandwich from a local place, along with lots of other people, and Elizabeth is right. Two sandwiches were forgotten outright, one person got one she was unable to eat for various reasons - and my "Veggie Sub" was a bun with mayo and lettuce. PERIOD. I'm not making that up. Was something like $5 too. I called to mention it and was told they'd send me a coupon "for another veggie sub". Nevermind.
YarnThrower said…
Dude. I suppose that is better than calling you Mister, or a number of other things...though if somebody called me that, I think I'd burst out laughing and pretend he/she wasn't serious. Did it, at the very least, make you feel younger?

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