The View From Here

I got out today! That's right! Molly Bee went mobile and took it on the road! It took a little doing and kind of felt like a bad prison break movie, but galldernit, I wheeled myself around the library and Target! I even washed and dried my hair and put on makeup....just like a real person! Just that much wiped me out though so I spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the wonderful view (see right) and recouping. But it was worth it! Especially since I scored a boatload of knitting mags at the library!

Today starts Socks of Summer 2008. I broke out a skein of Nuro and started knitting away. Our neighbor brought us over his "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" DVD's and we've been watching those. There are 144 episodes! That's a lot of socks! And they (the episodes and the socks) are a lot less scary now that I'm off the heavy drugs!

Our neighbors and friends have been great. The neighbors down on the corner had a big graduation party for the teenage daughter (high school diploma) and the dad (Bachelors) today. Since I was tuckered out from my big adventure to Target and didn't go, they stopped by tonight with a big slab of graduation cake. Nice folks.

Well, back out to my post to watch Robin Hood and knit knit knit! Go Socks of Summer 2008!


Mo said…
Congratulations on your escape! I started my first pair of socks with Cascade Fixation yarn for the Summer of Socks.

Looking at the bright side, you may win the prize for most socks knitted this summer.

Anyways, I'll keep sending many healing thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.
peaknits said…
Dang, I missed you at Target! I hope your recovery gets better and better - sheesh, it is tough being down and out. But lucky you getting that rocking Wendy Pattern for SOS, dummy me missed the whole party!:) Take care!
dale-harriet said…
Good for YOU! It's all uphill from here. I went to a yarn shop here in St Paul today (Borealis Yarns, see note in upcoming blog o' mine)and (get this) I scored a skein of Noro Sock Yarn!! All together now: "whooooaaaaah". Here's the shame: I'm planning fingerless mitts out of it maybe. I need more practice "socking" before trying THAT yarn. I can't remember, are YOU in the "Firefly Fanatic" bunch? 'Cause I bought the whole set of episodes & can make them available to you.
MadCityMike said…
Glad you are doing better, Molly Bee! Keep that upward trend going strong!
Cindy G said…
Yay! I'd just love to send you a sock pattern and some yarn, if only I knew where (hint, email me through my profile if interested).
Kitty Mommy said…
It's amazing how clean hair, a bit of fresh air (even going to Target), and mmmmm, cake can make you feel like an actual human being again, isn't it? Actually, any one of the three can do it, but hoo-ee, what a powerful combination!

I'm sure you'll keep feeling better and better all the time!
YarnThrower said…
I'd be wiped out after doing those errands with a leg wrapped up, too. So glad you are becoming more mobile, and so great you had the foresight to plan for summer of socks!
knitnzu said…
Good thing it wasn't your driving foot, eh? Actually my first thought was 'poor thing!'. Clean hair is a very good morale boost. At least you can knit!
Elizabeth said…
Nothing like getting out a bit when you've been stuck in! I hope the recovery is going well. Any chance you can pop in for a bit on Saturday?
Marilyn said…
I know I'm out of the loop, but until I read the blog, I had no idea about the surgery. Guess we don't talk much around here!!!
Anyway, I'm sure there could be many funny comments about the hospital gown--whether or not they are true.
Good luck on your recovery.

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