Monday, June 09, 2008

Update-y Goodness

Knit Night was a blast on Friday and I got my pink socks finished:

I did the heel a little differently:
But otherwise they are just plain old white bread socks. I just loved the color so much I didn't want to gum up the works with a fancy-schmancy pattern:
(Click on the photos to biggify)
Amy D. was there which is always a blast and a whole group of us worked on an especially vicious New York Times crossword puzzle. It took 4 hours and about a million IQ points to finish, but we finally got it. The last clue was:"What a crossword editor says to puzzle solvers". The answer was "Try Googling This". Since we had had to Google a good portion of the puzzle on Amy's Blackberry (which as everyone knows is actually a Purpleberry) we all felt likeWill Shorts had caught us all cheating. His name was cursed. Repeatedly.

I just wasn't in the mood to spin this weekend. I couldn't calm down and sit still enough.The weather scared the bejeepers out of me all weekend; tornadoes, 100 m.p.h. straight-line winds, torrential wind and hail. I was jittery most of the time, as were the pups. Especially Holli. She is even more of a lapdog during thundershowers! So I contented myself with knitting 4 inch squares out of leftover sock yarn and running to look out the window or at the Weather Channel every six seconds. Besides, I can't start another pair of socks yet. Socks of Summer starts on the 19th and I will start a fresh pair then. I have an idea for a cute sock pattern. I want to use one of the patterns in the Vogue Stitchonary so I don't know if it would be marketable or not, but I will write it up and pump Baxter's Mom and Mrs. SABLE for publishing information next time I see them.
Anyway, what with the horrid storms and all we didn't get to the Lambs and Lettuce festival like I'd hoped. I haven't been over to Cindi's website yet to see if she and the rest of the folks floated away or not. I hope it turned out OK for them. Mr. Bee and I watched movies (Grace is Gone, Semi-Pro, 28 Dresses and prepared for my upcoming time off. He did take me out to lunch at Claddaugh, my favorite Irish Pub (Yum! Monte Cristo sandwich with brambleberry jelly) to celebrate a promotion at work but mostly we stuck around the homestead.

The flood waters are still rising today, but at least the weather has been halfway decent. Took the doggies out back to play ball after work tonight. I just love the action picture mode on my new camera. I especially love to get picture when they are running, ears flopping.

Holly is considerable happier with the weather today! Yee Haw!

We loves us some big tennis ball!

Off to do some laundry, reorganize, rearrange, make lists and mumble to myself. Have a great Tuesday!


I'm busy knitting said...

the heel looks really good, what did you do?

DPUTiger said...

Hang on ... I thought the Summer of Socks started on June 21? What yarn is that on your plain socks? I like it! :)

dale-harriet said...

Those ARE some fancy heels! My little socks aren't to the heel stage yet (is it just me, or does it take FOREVER to knit socks on size #1 needles?) But I will need to get to a heel eventually. (RIGHT??) I thought you'd left before me Friday -- if not, I apologize! (Glad to see you didn't float away -- I heard the Governor's ordering an ark....)

knitnzu said...

Yeah, I'd be nervous about the weather too... The sock heel looks very nice! When is your surgery?

MadCityMike said...

As always, a beautiful pair of socks!
Our dog Copper(known by some as Cooper), has anxiety attacks when the weather is bad, but more so when there is thunder. When Madison was surrounded by tornadoes on Saturday, she was fine....go figure, eh?

Kitty Mommy said...

Whoa! Knitting and crossword puzzles? My inner geek definitely went to Iowa the wrong weekend!

Cindy G said...

Didn't float away, though my sister-in-law, returning from shopping, did see an old barn blow down, right before her startled and amazed eyes.

Love the socks, can hardly wait to see your new creation.

YarnThrower said...

I have to say that those don't look like "white bread socks" in that yarn. Very cute, and nice heel detail!

That crossword puzzle editor is very sly! What fun!

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