Weekend update

Went to the Sow's Ear on Saturday morning to participate in International 'Knit in Public' day. We, at The Ear, took it one step further and sat outside and knit. I took one for the International 'Knit In Public' team early on by getting stung by a hornet right above my concrete boot! Knitting in Public is dangerous! [Actually knitting in private is dangerous for the likes of me as well. Just last week I stabbed myself in the collarbone with a #2 straight whilst knitting 4" garter stitch squares. Honestly I need a keeper!]

At any rate, it was worth it. Mad City Mike dropped by to introduce himself. I have been reading his blog for a while now. He is an accomplished knitter and weaver who just started spinning as well! He's doing amazingly well. Scoot over there and look. Go ahead! I'll wait!....................What didja think? Really cool right!?! I know! And he's just as charming, sweet and handsome in person!

Shirley was there and so was Jen along with the cutest baby in the universe who fell asleep under the big spruce tree despite the fact that it was pelting him with shrapnel in the wind. He takes after me that way! Friend Donna also stopped by and dropped off a hugantic bag of books for me. And coworker/friend Lynn came to knit and give me some Mad Money that my kids at work collected for sock yarn! Lots to do in the next six weeks!

Left the Ear early to come home and take some benydryl for my sting. It swelled up over a big area including under the cast, so I wanted to make sure everything was hunky-dory for surgery today. The benydryl seemed to take care of it. But consequently I took a three hour nap.

Yesterday was a blur of errands, tying up loose ends and emotion. I am nothing if not a big cry baby and borrower of trouble. If I can imagine the worst case scenario, then I'll be prepared for it when it happens, right? But how can it be horrible when this is one of my cuddle buddies?

Miss Holli practicing 'resting up'. She is very good at this because she practices....a lot!

Will try and write again soon, but bear in mind I'll be under the influence of mind-altering drugs. Yes! Moreso than usual! Thanks for asking! Should be a wild ride!


DPUTiger said…
Many happy thoughts headed in your direction. Follow orders so you can be on the mend soon! :) (((HUG)))
Kitty Mommy said…
We'll be thinking of you and sending good wishes your way...uh, right now!

Does a sunburned chest count as a knitting injury?
Elizabeth said…
Good wishes for you for a successful surgery. I hope the recuperation will be fast and relatively pain-free!
MadCityMike said…
I'm sorry that I didn't know that your surgery was so soon! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Perhaps you'll do some really cool novelty yarn while you're mending and "under some influence"! :)
knitnzu said…
Those mind altering drugs just suck! Hope the surgery goes well, and the recovery even better!
da-ptog said…
That's a very nice pic of Holli. She sure looks fit!
Good luck on your surgery. :o)
Cindy G said…
Good recovery thoughts comin' at ya.
YarnThrower said…
Best wishes for an un-eventful surgery and a speedy and complete recovery. I'll be watching for your sock progress!
Anonymous said…
Holli sure looks fit and trim!! Great job. There's no better care anywhere! :o)