Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pathetic Pictures of Swag Swag Swag!

To make up for a kinda crappy week (Mr. Bee has a cold and ear infection and I'm in De Nile Knee Deep that I'm coming down with it too. I DO NOT want to postpone my surgery!) the Yarn Gods have shown fit to smile upon me to compensate!

This is pure, goat, mohair pencil roving that one of our field reps sent from her hobby farm on the West Coast. She sent 4 spirals, two for me and two for one of my kids who spins (waaaaaay better than me). She said if we liked it she'd cut us a deal on future orders. You cannot imagine how soft this stuff is. I just want to throw it on the floor and roll in it. Bentley does too!

Should I dye it before I spin, after I spin or leave it natural? Oh the glorious decisions!
I also raked in a haul from Knit Picks. I decided that I was gonna get me a set of Harmony #2's, what with all the sock knitting coming up and all. Don't need them but they are so beautiful I couldn't deny myself one little set of double points..... After all, I did talk myself out of the entire set of interchangable circs! But I just couldn't talk myself out of this!

What a deal! Or these-couple of pairs of sock yarns. Gotta break those new needles in!

And here they are. Not much light out-kinda gloomy. My camera flash thingy popped up and then pooped out apparently because it didn't flash, but you can see a little better if you biggify them. They are so pretty and smooth.

There is nothing like Stash Enhancement! Bliss!


Kitty Mommy said...

Hmmm...tried to fondle the mohair. Feels kind of like computer monitor to me. I have drooled over those lace samplers. I think the one you got is my favorite, too.

knitnzu said...

oooh, weee! You have loads of fun in just the one post! Since the roving's in cakes already, I dunno (since I don't dye), but I'd say spin it first. No? Yes? Maybe? Maybe dye some in the roving and some in the yarn? OK, not much help!

Cindy G said...

Oh man, I have been soooo tempted by those lace samplers. But I still haven't done anything yet with the lace weight you so helpfully pointed out to me at the last Sow's Ear sale....

Thats some pretty looking mohair.

MadCityMike said...

Do you knit the whole sock with double points? I start out with them, switch to 12" circular, back to DP's for the heel flap and turning, body done with the circular and back to DP's for the toe decrease. Don't know if I could do an entire sock with DP's......although, I have to admit, I have gotten more used to them with time.

And, of course, I do envy you the pencil roving......I have not even touched Mohair yet.

Elizabeth said...

What a haul!

I think you should spin it undyed, then dye the yarn if you want to after you finish.

It's awfully easy to screw up roving with with the heat when dyeing, and you would just KICK yourself if that happened. It's much less risky to dye yarn.

Just my 2 cents.

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