Someone Catch Dave!

I'm going to spin tonight. [ THUNK! That was the sound of Dave Daniels hitting the floor at the news! :-) ] I had to stop spinning for a bit when I hurt my foot. I am a rabid Cabin Cove fan and have been drooling over Dave's spinning but was all talk and no action for months. Finally he told me to 'get off the computer and go spin something already' so I started up again and spun up two spindles of a beautiful pastel pink, purple, blue, and yellow merino. I went to ply it and the gorgeous springy colors just looked all muddy together. What's up wid dat? So, being the Queen of Procrastination, I just left them there; two spindles half full of singles and a third with a muddled mess of two ply on it. It's been weeks now. I pop in and check on them from time to time to see if they have learned their lesson, come to their senses, and by some Spinning Miracle, changed back into their former beauteous tones, but so far it's a no go. This could have gone on for some time longer had I not opened up my Rubbermaid tote of fiber stash last night and got all enthused over a little mottled, merino-tencel, claret-colored number I got from Sandy's Palette. Now I need to get the mess off my wheel right now so I can start with the yummy new fibers!

The good thing about spinning is that you can't throw half done stuff to the side if you don't have a ton of extra spindles. You HAVE to finish one thing before you start another. If any of you have figured out a way around that, DO NOT LEAVE THAT INFORMATION IN THE COMMENTS! It's safer for everyone involved if I believe that it simply can't be done! I prefer to remain delusional... just this once...uh..yeah.

Mr. Ben may be a goofy guy, but he's proving to be smarter than he looks. Last night I let he and Holli outside on their leads. For some reason they can't go in or out individually. It's a team sport apparently, which is good because it cuts down on the number of times I have to dislodge myself from my knitting nest and play doorman. Ben got ready to come in and came up on the deck, I opened the door, took off his lead and told him to come in but he just sat there. Occasionally he'd look over his shoulder at Holli was was poking around in the snow and just taking her old sweet time. Finally he got up, got off the deck and walked over to her. He took her lead in his mouth about 6 inches from her neck and gently led her to the door, with a "Come along, Dear' attitude, so they could both come in! She trotted right up with him, like she just hadn't realized that he was waiting impatiently for her! Pretty smart for a goofy moose like my boy, eh? Maybe there's hope. Now if we could get him to stop eating cork coasters and plastic dustpans....

Has someone brought Dave around with some smelling salts? 'Cause if he's OK, I'm off to spin!


Elizabeth said…
Hey Molly Bee, try Navajo plying your singles. The colors will stay together in sections and not get as muddy-looking as they do by making a two ply. Of course then, your knitting will do the muddying for you, instead of the plying. Alas Alack.
YarnThrower said…
Aw, your Ben is a true gentleman! You raised him up right!
knitnzu said…
huh.... and you all think I should get on this bandwagon? You know Mel? he sent me a class announcement from Pogo... a beginning spinning class (2 days, fiber, and rental of a wheel) at a good price too, so tempting so tempting...
Cindy G said…
Awww, that is the cutest story.
(And if you liked what I did with Leap Day, just wait til I get my hands on Daylight Savings Time).
Dave Daniels said…
Hey there, not to worry, it CAN be saved.
AS Elizabeth said, try to chain/Navajo ply it. (Videos on YouTube to show you how.) Or, you can do something I've had with success a few times. Ready? On Bobbin1, find the first color to start with. On Bobbin2, find the same exact color. Try plying those together, and see if the colors run pretty true on each of the bobbins. You might get a nice run of matching and overlapping colors.
OR! You can save them, and spin up some solid color that coordinates or blends with one of the color, and do a nice spiral/barber poling yarn. (Like my burgundy velvet stuff last week.)
Let us know how you make out.

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