Again...I Learn These Lessons So You Don't Have To...

So I finished my Nanu Nanu Noro socks and was all gung-ho to start knitting up my new Blackberry Ridge Tropical Fish. While trolling though my work basket though, I found this: A long lost Sherbet sock. I'm not sure the circumstances that led to it being a single sock. That's not really like me. Being the responsible knitter I am, I thought, "I should just whip up the second one before I dive in with the tropical fish. It's the right thing to do. Delayed gratification and all that. So I dug through my knitting diary until I found my handwritten pattern from god-knows-when. It was woefully lacking in any kind of detail except the actual stitch pattern for the leg. So I went out to Ravelry where I had logged said sock as a 'work in progress' in the days of yore when I started it and found that I had documented that I used a size three needle. Hot diggity, I was in business. I grabbed my size three needles and my Schaffer "Anne" yarn and referred back to my diary..."Cast on 60/70 stitches" Hmmmm. What did that mean? Did I cast on 60 or 70? I referred to the original sock...obviously it was 60. So I cast on 60 and knit 3/4 of the leg pattern, compared it to the original sock was 70.

I ripped the whole thing out and started again. I did the leg, the heel flap, turned the heel and was half done the foot before I realized it was freakishly big. Again, I dug out the original sock, only to find that although I had documented #3 needles, I had actually used twos. So I tore the whole thing back out and started yet again.Back to the drawing board. Lessons learned:

1. Don't drink and then record things in Ravelry. Impaired judgement and blurred vision apparently makes it difficult to distinguish needle sizes.

2. Don't watch a Dr. Who marathon while knitting the second sock. The lovely David Tennant and his ongoing battle with the Darliks makes you not want to tear your eyes away and look at the sock you're working on, let alone compare it to the original until it's way way way too late.

3. Just knit the %^&* second sock right after you knit the first one!

Am I ever going to get to run off to the tropics?!?!?!?

(Do yourself a favor and click on this picture. It really is yummy up close!)


dale-harriet said…
wow, that IS some festive yarn! I have some festive yarn too, and I can soon start to think about doing something with it -- it's SO exciting! You said two things which (I'll have you know) have set me scurrying off all inspired:
"knitting diary" and "Ravelry". COOL!
peaknits said…
Arg, hate when those things happen! Love that Tropical Fish yarn - I don't think I even knew Blackberry made sock yarn - nice!
YarnThrower said…
I commend your discipline at making the second sock before getting into your new, enticing, beautiful yarn! You're a stronger woman than I am!
Peggy said…
Wow, you had quite an ordeal with that sock!!!!! Where did you get that pattern? I really like it. I'm anxious to see how my Anne yarn does for the Mystic Light KAL.