Woo Hoo! I'm IN Club Ravelry!!!

I got to the front of the line and the bouncer looked 'iffy', so I distracted him with , "Hey, look over there!" and snuck in! I'm MollyBeez! Be sure and stop in and 'friend' me!

Of course, now I have to find the time to go in and look around. I've only just set up my profile for now. Mostly the reason I wanted in was because I was out (I'm wicked contrary that way), but from just the little bit of poking around that I've done, it looks AWESOME!

I'm about 2/3 of the way through glueing billions and billions of 1 inch squares to my quilt pattern. I'm beginning to have my doubts....but we'll see. I've taken a couple of pics of the steps along the way and will post them when I get closer to completion.

For those of you in the Madison, WI area, don't forget that tomorrow night is the big Grand Opening Soiree at The Sow's Ear in Verona. I'll be the one in the red shirt, knitting the tri-sherbet colored socks and hitting the celebratory wine especially hard! Be sure and say Howdy!


peaknits said…
Yay!!! Be sure to look me up! And I'll miss the Soiree - but I'll be thinking of you and drinking and knitting at home:)
Beth in WI said…
Red shirt, eh? I will be arriving late (long story), and maybe wearing purple. Save some wine for me!
dale-harriet said…
Whooah! Just took the opportunity to read back some - *I* was in attendance at a Civil War battle too, last weekend! It was at Wade House! Looks like yours was better, I'll have to make a note for next year. Now then (clearing throat) On behalf of reenactors and Living History Interpreters everywhere, THANK YOU for taking some honest wool to those civilian ladies; we'll have to talk further on such things, but seeing turquoise acrylic at an historic camp affects me like being run through with a #2 DPN. In the eye. We must talk more soon! (PS absolutely LOVED meeting you at "the Ear"!)
knitnzu said…
So are you having a good time in the club? Do you know why people have a different ravelry name than their blog names? (I used the same).
bobbi said…
i'm in ravelry now also, don't ask me why please. like i have all this time to spend there. everyone was raving so i just had to be one of them, the follower that i am. NOT!!

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