All The News That's Fit To Print

Things have been pretty busy around Casa de Bee. We've been on the hop with a lot of social stuff. Friend-D took me out for a birthday lunch at Casa De Laura...flautas YUM! Then Friend-E took me to a new Mexican place the next day for lunch. I think it's called La Taquero or something. It was a pretty authentic place. Good food. Lots of it. Cheap. Went out with friends D&T to Clauggagh, my favorite Irish Pub, and then to a movie which was so raunchy that we snuck out and into another one-giggling all the way. I felt like I was in high school again! Except back then we would have been trying to sneak into the raunchy one. We also spent time with friends E and A and their kids and pup at the dog park. Big Ben do like the dog park, yessir he do! Only problem is, other dogs and people don't understand that every tennis ball in the world is his so if someone else is playing with one, they must mean for him to play too! He's not aggressive or possessive, he just has a 'havetachaseit' gene which kicks in and off he goes! I swear he would run 'til he drops.

Went to Saturday knitting with Elizabeth, Linda, Anne and Rhonda. Was fun as always and Elizabeth wore her amazing sweater. Check it out. Photos don't do it justice. It's even more beautiful in person. After knitting we went to boss' house for supper and word games. Had a blast even though one of the other players is some kind of a crossword puzzle creator/editor/wunderkind and put us all to shame! My boss made prosciutto wrapped pears in a soy sauce reduction. It was beautiful and tasty. When he comes to Chez Bee he gets take out pizza. Maybe next time I'll arrange the pepperoni in a smiley face or something. I'm all about the effort.

I finished clue # 3 of Secret of the Stole before the deadline!!!! Only to discover that there is no deadline on odd #'s weeks. Dang it. I'm chugging through Clue # 4 with hopes to get it posted on time, but tonight I am cooking ( Halloween fingers heh heh heh ) so that just leaves Thursday night. I work best under pressure....NOT!

I've been doing a bit more on my Wee Paddy quilt too. I'm disappointed with my lousy sewing. I'm not quite sure about the intricacies of the flip and sew method. I have a lot of seams going in the wrong direction and other generalized wonkiness going on, but this one was just an experiment anyway. And despite its MANY flays, it still looks good at a distance. Here are a couple of shots so you can see how small it got! (This top one is the backside through the interfacing.)

Mr. Bee is going to be away this weekend so I have lots of ME stuff planned. Knit Night on Friday night...quilting on Saturday....a girl movie on Sunday....and all of the French Toast I can eat. Mr. Bee ABHORS French toast. I'm looking forward to Knit Night since I missed the last one. I'm working on a nice boring pair of socks for Grammie so I shouldn't have to tear too much out afterward!

Made a pretty decent fast and dirty spinach lasagna last night and am making Halloween Fingers tonight so will put the recipes on my Molly Bee's Kitchen site soon!

Later: Here's a shot of the finger food I made tonight. Click to make it larger-it's worth it! Happy Halloween! REcipe can be found here


dale-harriet said…
oooh first! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who lays in supplies of stuff the husband doesn't like to eat when he goes away. In fact, the Daughter and I call it the "Cat's Away Plan". I made dead-guy fingers and squirrel brains with vampire blood for my grandsons Sunday (read "pigs-inna-blanket, hash-browns and cherry 7-Up") They loved 'em. I love Halloween.
Elizabeth said…
I just realized I've been reading your blog for more than a year because of the "finger food". Hah!

Thanks for sweater promo. (Blush.)
dale-harriet said…
Oh. My. GOODNESS! Those are FAR superior to the dorky baby carrots with the almonds on the end. I may have to whomp up a batch of those to take to the Museum Thursday -- I can come up with some line about "the teenagers who came trick-or-treating and they really are too old...." Thanks for the recipe!
Mum said…
I shall remember to keep my hands to myself when I visit you from now on!!!
DPUTiger said…
1. I adore french toast, but have never managed to make it successfully.
2. Why not use fusible gridded interfacing? You fuse the squares to the grid, then fold-and-sew the grid. No shifting, etc. A little bulky (you'd HAVE to machine quilt), but otherwise pretty nifty.
Kitty Mommy said…
I love the fingers! I am all for creepy looking treats that are easy to make, so I made a batch as soon as I read about them. Thanks for the recipe!
Cindy G said…
Yikes, those fingers are almost as scary as your dentist story! A belated Happy Birthday, sound like a great day.
bobbi said…
talk about finger food. yummy!!