Something Is Afoot

Not much to report. I've been working diligently on my Secret of the Stole project. I have to get the second clue done by Thursday night. I knit and frogged, knit and frogged, knit and frogged until I thought I would lose my mind. Then I figured out that after I do the right side, there is always 99 stitches. So if I count the darn things at the end of every row I knit, I can find the mistakes easier and sooner. Duh! Now it's going a lot smoother although as carefully as I pay attention, I still seem to miss a yarn over the first time around EVERY ROW! Maybe I'm not smart enough for this project!

Other than that, I've been babying my foot. I went to the doctor on Monday and learned that I have tendonitis and a cyst in my Achilles tendon of my left foot. Apparently my self diagnosis of a 'heel goiter' was not accurate. The doctor didn't even crack a smile when I called it that. Geez, tough room. If I don't take care of it (wear the special fashion statement that is an ortho sock thing, put it up as much as I can, ice it, and stay off it as much as possible) I will need surgery. No thank you! I'll be a good girl I swear! It is killing me though because I love to take Ben to the new dog park near the house. Maybe I can rig up some kind of a cart and he can pull me around the trails. Hmmmmm..Here Bentley! Here Boy!


YarnThrower said… sorry to hear about your tendon. I hope things improve on that front! I count my lace on every wrong side row. My husband knows he must not speak out loud to me when I am doing this.....
knitnzu said…
Ugh, how awful about your tendon! You do anything alternative? I've found homeopathic arnica (the tabs) is a good first step to help heal trauma (bruises, sprains, childbirth!, etc). I had to be in a total torture device prior to knee surgery so that my leg would straighten out normally. Life is all kindsa fun, eh?
Gammy aka Peggy said…
With MS3 and the other stole KALs I always count atleast the wrong side rows. It certainly can be a bugger. I'm looking forward to seeing your stole.

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