Run! Don't Walk

If you haven't yet gone to the IMAX here in Madison to see the new National Geographic 3D "Monsters of The Deep" film, go out and get in your car, grab the bus, call a cab, saddle your mule, whatever you have to do to get there, and GO! Er...unless you're one of those folks who catches up on your Bloglines at 2 AM....then wait until tomorrow, check your local listings and GO! I took nephew Ty last night and it was the best $8 I've spent in a loooooonnnnnggg time. And that includes yarn purchases, People! It's only 40 minutes long but I was amazed! The last 3D I saw was a TV dealy with red and blue lensed glasses that had been punched out of the back of a cereal box. This was a totally different deal. I was IN the shallow prehistoric sea that once divided the U.S. Sea creatures swam right up to me and then over my head. At one point one swam BETWEEN Ty and me! It was SO COOL! I think all movies should be like that. 40 minutes felt like 5 and I'm sure I looked a little freaky trying to poke at the jellyfish with my fingers and catch the bubbles as they floated by.

I finished part one of Secret of the Stole this evening and knit Row 1 on the second clue that came out today. I find lace knitting difficult because I have the attention span of a gnat, but I'm getting through it and it's clear that the end result will be worth the effort. It's so delicate and the beads look great.

Mr. Bee and I are off to the northland tomorrow to get some fall apples and visit a bookstore that is in a manure storage building. No joke. We read about it in the paper and he is all gung ho to go! It's quite a distance away so I hope it's not crappy. Yeah, you know I had to throw one in there.

Sunday I'm being kidnapped for my b-day (which is Monday). Mr. Bee has some secret plan up his sleeve and as long as it doesn't involve being abandoned in a manure silo I guess I'm OK with it. Details as soon as I find out!


YarnThrower said…
Have a great trip! And, Happy Birthday!! I await the report of what your surprise is!
Elizabeth said…
I was intrigued by that bookstore, too. My family's in the used book biz, though we tend to favor barns over manure storage tanks. Do report back!

Have a great trip.
peaknits said…
I would really like to check out that movie - could a 7 year old handle it? Enjoy the manure shed book store? Can't wait to hear more on that. And have a super great birthday! (I think you get to celebrate all weekend if it's Monday.)
Sus said…
Have a very happy birthday on Monday! I hope your kidnapping trip is fun. I live three blocks from the Milwaukee IMAX and I always think I should go check it out sometime and then I never do... I'll let you know if I actually ever get around to it.
dale-harriet said…
Oh MollyBee!! I am SO going to try to talk Mr Dearling into that, and it won't be too hard, probably; we're walking distance from that theatre. (Saw Harry Potter there, that was a trip). And where IS that bookstore!! We went on a leaf-peeping trip yesterday, got as far as Stevens Point and saw about three trees STARTING to turn. "No, Mr Bush - I think there IS Global Warming". Had a good time, though - knitted most of a punkin hat for a grandson on the way. Can't WAIT to hear about your surprise, that's so dear....

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