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Gosh! I'm so far behind I think I'm first! Where to begin to catch up? Most recent and then back I guess. Yesterday Mr. Bee and I went to T&D's house to eradicate a nasty computer virus that had preyed on them . Mr. Bee did all the fancy footwork and D and I visited. While we were chatting, I finished my first Sherbet Sock. The pattern is from the Charlene Schurch book (the first one). It's in the five stitch repeat section and I think it's called slip stitch cable or something. Anyway, the blurry blob in the whole sock photo is condensation. It's October 7th and hotter than the hinges of heck and muggy-Oy! But anyway, here it is and a close up of the the stitch pattern on the leg (sideways view).

Friday night was the Grand Opening/Anniversary Extravaganza at the Ear. It was WONDERFUL. I got to meet Dale-Harriet and her daughter, Mary, and Beth (finally). Elizabeth came as did friend Anne and all of the wonderful regulars I normally visit with. There was wonderful completed knitted objects all over the walls that customers had knit. I had brought my Socks That Rock socks to show Anne and Debbie whisked them away and hung them up! There were appetizers and a lovely cake with The Sow's Ear logo on it and wine. True to form I had half a glass, got a horrible headache and had to leave before the festivities were over. I'm a lousy drunk. It's really not worth it. But before the girls poured me in the car (passenger seat-Mr. Bee drove) I had a wonderful time!

Last week I worked on my photo quilt in the evenings. What an interesting project! You've seen the pattern grid that I drew from the computer print out. Here are the billions of little one inch squares, all arranged in numbered compartments....
Here is a truly abysmal photo of the graph with the fusible interfacing laying on it. It was night in the basement and it looks like I managed to actually stand in and block the only light that was shining on it, but you get the idea. You can see the grid clearly through the interfacing...

And here are the first ones I've placed on the huge grid...

I am tacking them down a few at a time with my little iron that looks like a curling iron with a triangle on the end. (Yes I did straighten them after I took this pic and before I tacked them). As you can see, color 18 is a rusty red and 17 is the blue with stars. So you just place the right color on the right 1, 124 numbered squares. I'm almost done. It took me a week where the author of the book says it takes her two hours! But I should be done this week enough to take a photo before and after sewing. It's pretty amazing. You're so close to it when you're working on it that you can't see it and think you've wasted a week of your life playing with postage stamp sized bits of fabric and then you back up and boom! Very cool!

Back to the living room to catch up on "Heroes" and finish the first part of The Secret of the Stole which is SO totally awesome! Kudo's to Nautical Knitter for putting it together. It's stunning and we've only received a tiny bit of the pattern so far. Photos of it later this week too.

Before I go, my Mum's friend Gloria pops in here from time to time. Her husband had a stroke last week and I just want them both to know that they are in my and Mr. Bee's thoughts and prayers as they meet this challenge. Cyber hugs to you both!


knitnzu said…
That quilt looks like some project! Do you like the first sock book better than the second? I don't have either and wonder about them.
Cindy G said…
Oh, I'm so disappointed I missed the Sow's Ear do. I sounds perfectily wonderful. The sock looks terrific (condensation and all)
Your sock looks great, and I can't wait to see more of the quilt. What an amazing concept.
dale-harriet said…
Oh, Molly BEE! I read about that quilt when you mentioned it before, but I didn't "get it" I do. BOY do I want to see that --. I love quilts, I love the idea of quilting, but that's going to have to be in my next life. Very likely along with spinning, but we'll see. Say, did you hear? Heather said in December there's a Late-Night Knit that's OVERNIGHT!! She said PJs are allowed, and I am SO there!

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