Write A 'To Do' List. Then Eat It.

Oh My God! I need a keeper. Just got back from lunch. I made Mr. Bee and myself sandwiches with some roast beef and cheese I got at the deli. Every single bite I took was tough and had gristle in it. I got to the very last bite only to discover that I had eaten the entire little piece of paper (less one bite) that they put between the cheese slices. Deeee-liish!!!!! I dare say I added fiber to my diet in an unconventional way today!

And maybe my keeper will be my personal secretary as well. I was fretting and stewing about how busy my life was going to be last week. It was my first week back from vacation and I had Hospice on Wednesday, dentist on Thursday, Knit Night on Friday. Busy! Busy! Busy! Not so much as it turns out...Hospice is this week. My dentist's receptionist informed me when I arrived at my appt. last Thursday that it is, in actuality this Thursday and Knit Night was two Fridays ago and I missed it. There is something to be said for writing things down on a piece of paper. Unless you mistakenly put it in your sandwich and then it's not helpful at all.

Anyway, got my Not-Quite-Badger socks done-pathetic photo to be added later as Blogger has decided I can't add it now. Went back to work on Mum's cardigan. Still on the mindless-knitting-stockinet-stitch back part but am almost finished. Then on to the mindless-knitting- stockinet sleeves part. It's a good TV watching project.

And a gerbil watching project. A friend of mine is dropping his three gerbils off at Chez Bee tonight for a couple of weeks while he goes on vacation with his folks. They used to be in one fish tank together (The gerbils...not his folks! Be nice!) but then after years of peaceful cohabitation they decided to go cannibalistic on each others' furry butts and had to be separated into three different fish tanks. Should keep the cat busy. Maybe I'll put each tank in a different room.