Saturday, September 30, 2006

No Weekend At The Lake for Molly Bee!

This weekend had such promise. And now it has turned into a real bummer. We were supposed to go a couple of hours north to spend the weekend with friends at their cottage on Roch-a-Cri Lake. I was so exited. I love these friend and I love camping and I love the water. I scurried and made chili and fruit salad and dessert. I had a list of all of the games and warm clothes we had to pack. Camera was loaded with new batteries. Then we got up bright and early this morning…too bright and too early….because Mr. Bee was sick. Poor guy hacked his way through the night; he latest new and exciting symptom of his week-long journey to actually getting this cold. He felt so guilty about all of the cooking and planning and all that our friends have done as well… and he wanted to go so badly that he hated calling to tell them that he thought he’d better stay home. He debated about it until daylight. Turns out it was a good thing he did stay home as he has gone decidedly downhill since he got up this morning-more hacking and blowing and sneezing and now a fever. Poor Mr. Bee. Poor Molly Bee. What a poopie weekend!

Anyway…I’ve worked some more on the top-down-vee-neck cardigan. I am going down to my quilting room in a few minutes and work on my Halloween quilt that I started last year and never finished. I got all of the blocks done, now it’s just the assembly. That’s usually where the process breaks down-once the exciting part is over. Now I have to think of a way to think of the finishing as exciting. I have the sandwiching and quilting part. I DO love the binding part though-making all of the white fluff around the edges makes me happy. Hmmm. Will have to think on that some more while I’m putting the lattice and borders on.

Took another knitting class from Amy Detjen at The Sow’s Ear on Thursday night-cables this time. I’d taken it once before-but way too early in my knitting career for it to stick. This time it made much more sense. I’m afraid I wasn’t much of a student. I had just come back from having dental work and I thought my jaw was going to explode as it thawed out from the anesthesia. My dentist has done this ‘new thing’ the last couple of times I’ve gone in where he drills a small hole in the side of the tooth near the gum and puts the anesthesia in there right into the roots and nerves. Works like a charm-freezes quickly and solidly. But I’ve discovered that I’m in for two days of absolute agony afterward. I’ll think I’ll make my needles the normal way from now on. It’s almost enough to make you stop eating things that make cavities in the first place-almost.

Well-off to NOT sit by the lake, eat chili and play dominoes with our friends; off to play nurse to Mr. Bee and then to the dreaded quilt instead. Hope everyone else’s weekend goes better!

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Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear your plans were ruined. It's better, though, to stay home than to share your germs with your friends.

I've got a nasty cold, which I think I picked up helping out in kindergarten. It's no fun. I could happily have just slept all week if my family would only let me.

I hope Mr. Bee gets better soon and maybe you can make another plan this fall before it gets too cold.

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