Bashing Barriers Would Be Easier with a Magic Bullet!

I went to an interesting workshop at the hospital this evening. It was called “Bashing Through Barriers”. The presenter, Jane Birr, gave tips, tricks and tools to establish where you are, where you want to be, and how to deal with the excuses and obstacles that arise between you and your goals; be they health, emotional or spiritual. It was all common sense stuff that we’ve all read in women’s magazine and heard from Doctor Phil, but there is something about sitting in a room full of people in the same boat that you’re in that is a little more motivational. I’m always hopeful that I’ll be told that there is a ‘magic bullet’ or that if I just wait and hope long enough things will turn out the way I want/envision. As usual I was told that the cards we’re dealt often suck but the only way to change them is through motivation, determination and persistence. Still no magic bullet…..Maybe it’s time to try determination…again. Why does there seem to be less determination and motivation every time around?

I just ripped out the entire heel and gusset of Not Quite A Badger Sock # 2. Why is it that sometimes I pick up the heel stitches just fine and other times, I get this row of holes down both sides where I picked up the stitches? What am I doing differently sometimes and not others? Anyone?

I signed up for a cable class at The Sow’s Ear next Thursday night. Amy Detjen, knitter extraordinaire is teaching it. She showed me how to do cables without a cable needle once before and I really liked it but have forgotten how. In Lucy Neatby’s class we learned to pick up wrong or dropped stitch way down in a cable and fix it so that will come in handy too.

There is a new Russian restaurant in the next town over. Mr. Bee and I are going there for supper tomorrow night. I have been yearning for Plov ever since we visited Kazakhstan and lived on the stuff for six weeks. They have it at this new restaurant. Also got tickets to see the local theater’s production of Into the Woods next week and are going to a friend’s cottage next weekend. We are really social butterflies these days!