Time To Ask For A Raise?

Back at work: Day Two. Everyone I meet tells me how much my boss missed me and that he was running around like the proverbial chicken while I was out for two weeks. When people asked him how to do things, he just told them that he didn't know; that he always just gave them to Molly Bee and 'they got done'. I've had more than one suggestion that now is the time to ask for a raise-LOL.

It's been crazy busy of course, dinging out my desk and emails. We had a new phone system installed while I was gone so we are suffering all of the snafus that involves. It's all computerized so if the system goes down we are toast. The cool thing about it is that all voicemail messages go into .wav files in the email box. There's good and bad in all change I guess but some of my 'kids' always go kicking and screaming. They are scientists for God's sake. One would think that they could handle figuring out a couple of different options on a telephone! Not so much as it turns out.

Worked some more on my second sock last night. I got some Socketta in Maine. The light in the store was really dim and I thought it was all red and white, Badger colors dontcha know, but it turned out to have yellow, pink and orange in it too. I really like it anyway. I got two other skeins while I was in Maine that have a lot of purple in them that I can't wait to get started on. My b-day is coming up next month and my plan is to buy myself some three strap Birkenstock sandals so I can wear my knit sock collection with them. Not all at once I don't think, but on early mornings when decision making is hard, that might be a possibility.

Will start on Mum's seamless-top-down-vee-neck cardigan sleeves this weekend. Then it's just the collar and button band and it's done. The buttons Mum picked out in Camden are gorgeous. They are a pearlescent gray that have a darker gray print on them that just matches the two toned gray that I am making her sweater out of. Good picking, Mum!

I would like to make a cardigan for Grammie this Christmas as well, but I think I took her measurements incorrectly when I was home. She's just a tiny little bitty thing due to osteoperosis but her measurements were almost the same as Mum's who is much taller and straighter. Will have to have her remeasured before I go get the yarn. I got the top down seamless NOT v-neck pattern so maybe will tackle that style for Gram.

I also got all kinds of blueberry kitchen decorations so want to do a blueberry table runner for my hutch. And of course my loon quilt is still in the machine half quilted. No rest for the wicked I guess. Keeps me off the streets.


Elizabeth said…
Molly, I've been reading your archives! What a delightful blog. I love your encounters with wildlife, love your stories about volunteering at hospice. Wonderful writing.