Home Again! Home Again! Jiggity Jig!

Well… I wrote an update while I was in Maine. It was a good one too-possibly Pulitzer Prize winning material. And Blogger ate it. I was too ticked to start over. The world will forever be deprived of my witty observances of life in Aroostook County. And now my streak of writing genius has ended. Too bad you all missed it and are stuck with the same old same old.

We arrived home yesterday. We drove from Crystal, Maine to Erie, Pennsylvania on Friday and then left at 6 a.m. from Erie and made it home at 5 p.m. Central time. It took us over two hours to get through Chicago. It was bumper to bumper, ten M.P.H. traffic for mile after mile. There was no apparent reason. The road looked like Shriner’s parade with all the lane switches and fancy maneuvering. We were both tired and grumpy before we hit Chicago. I thought we were going to end up in divorce court before we finally got to Schamberg. But made it we did. And I finished one sock and turned the heel on the other during the trip so it wasn’t all bad.

Sebastian the cat and Sneakers the bunny were alive and well when we returned. Our good friends, D and T took excellent care of them. Even the plants looked better than we left them! Wee Doggie went to bed almost immediately and hasn’t really slept the trip off yet. It’s taking him a while to kick the doggie valium in his system. Mr. Bee and I haven’t really slept yet as Sebastian has yet to finish telling us the tale of all that happened while we were away. He kept remembering tidbits about every 45 minutes all night and couldn’t wait until morning to share them so he would perch on our pillows and bellow. This has continued throughout the day today. Hopefully he will run out of stories soon so we can all get some much needed rest.

We had a good time in Maine. We got to catch up with kith and kin. We spent a couple of days on the coast with Mum and her friend, Roy. We had a great time eating lobster in Camden, walking the sand in Lincolnville looking for beach glass and hiking out to the lighthouse at the end of the Rockland breakwater. We even introduced Roy to the art of geocaching. He asked all about GPS’s. Could he be a convert? Just another conquest in our plan for geocacher world domination heh, heh, heh.

Camden Harbor from the top of Mt. Battie

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

Stopped by the yarn shop in Camden to meet The Yarn Demon who assures me that she will start updating her blog again soon for her fans! Great store! Bought some beautiful buttons for Mum’s cardigan….the body of which I finished on this trip. I even worked on it some while I sat in the chilly dawn air on the motel deck overlooking the Atlantic. Talk about a meditative experience! The first rays of sun on the sea, the smell of salt and pines, the feel of soft wool, the sound of birds and boats and knitting needles clicking. Heaven!


Lobster boat

Spent a day with my Grammie. We did the town of Houlton red; shopped a little, ate a little, shopped a little, ate a little. She even walked across the new pedestrian bridge with me. It was nice to have some alone time, just her and I.

We went down to my Aunt M. and Uncle D.’s camp on Mattawamkeg Lake a couple of times. Roasted (read 'incinerated' here) a hotdog on the fire. Kayaked around The Point. I absolutely love kayaking. The boat sits so low in the water and paddles so easy that it’s like being part of the lake itself. And of course everywhere you look is a scenic wonder of lake wildlife, pine trees and huge blue sky. So restful and Zen.

But now we’re back. Work tomorrow and many busy days ahead. While I’m grateful for the reprieve, the time went by so fast and next year seems so far away. ...

Foggy Belfast Harbor

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse Lens


Sister Sue said…
Welcome home! What beautiful pictures of Maine. Next trip? Let's meet! Glad to have you back at your blog. Suppose I'd better get mine updated, too!