Water Goddess Cowl

I took my first hit of Malbridgio yarn last week. Sweet mother of all that's Holy, it's the heroin of yarn.  Friend Jen has been touting it's magnificence for a while now but I wouldn't drink the Kool-Aid. I finally knit up a skein into a free cowl pattern I found on line and now I'm hooked. If it weren't for my extensive stockpile of yarn in the basement, I swear I would buy every color and knit exclusively with this stuff. I love the colorways, the smoothness of it, and the fact that it's as soft as unborn, baby panda pelts doesn't hurt either!

The pattern was fun to do. It's a free pattern that's based on another free scarf pattern called Falling Water by Bonnie Sennott. It's on Ravelry.  It's a false cable pattern with only an 8 stitch repeat so it's a breeze to knit.  Falling Water is a flat scarf and Water Goddess is knit in the round, so I had to run it by my mathematician and engineer before I got started and they got me all straightened out. Yes, it's nice to have staff ! (Thanks Elizabeth and Jen!)

I had my lovely assistant, Ben, model it for me. It came out looking wonky but I don't even care since the model is so stinking cute!

Hey! Is the cat laughing at me?
This is my smoldering, bedroom eyes, pose!

Here is a little better picture.  Don't mind the dog hair, I can't imagine where that came from!


joiefleur said…
Absolutely gorgeous, the scarf and the model!