Cleaning out the Cabin...Fever.

This weekend we had a much needed reprieve from the brutal cold we've had all winter. It was just in the nick of time too since morale was at an all time low and Cabin Fever was at an all time high!

I had a Celtic Zentangle class with Katie Butler on Saturday afternoon so I went over to that side of town extra early to do some errands, get the car wash and take myself out to lunch. It was 40° and I didn't wear a jacket! I had some time before class to I visited the Antique Mall just down the street from Lynn's Craft Shop. I've lived here for going on 25 years and have never been there. So cute and just endless little spaces with wonderful antiques! I could easily spend a weekend in there. I don't collect (and can't afford) antiques, but it was like visiting a museum.  I'll be going back soon as I have some questions about some things they classify as 'antique' that I still use in my house! I'm not THAT old...yet.  Anyway it was AMAZING!

As was Katie's class.  Her classes are always fun. The first pic is my practice sheet of some things we worked on....Celtic-y things and weaverly things. I love those kinds of things, even through I generally suck as Celtic knots due to my inability to figure out the spacial relationships of what's on top and what's behind. 

Sunday I tried the 'extra credit' instructions that Katie sent with us and did this knot. 

Sunday morning found us up before the sun and down to La Brioche for brunch with friends. I had the berry crepes and OH. MY. DOG. were they good; ricotta cheese, creme Anglais, fruit puree, fresh berries and candied pecans. 

My friend's French toast was equally as amazing!

We were supposed to meet at a restaurant on Williamson Street but there is still a lot of angst going on down there with regards to a shooting that took place Friday night so we changed venues at the last minute and I'm so glad we did! Having breakfast with these particular friends is always a highlight. They are both smart, funny, warm and welcoming. They are like family. We even made plans to visit state parks in Ohio and Illinois together this summer! It was a great way to start the first day of the time change. It was worth losing an hour of sleep over!

Sunday afternoon found me in Oregon at the Firefly Cafe with friend Jen for knitting. The Firefly is a really nice spot and they have a small quilt show going on right now that was really neat. Jen brought her two wee-est bairns, Klara and Isaak and we spent a couple of hours visiting and enjoying the afternoon.

All of that, some spring cleaning and numerous walks with Big Doggie made for a wonderful restorative weekend....and the cherry on top of the Sunday? Friend, Avis, is visiting her brother in Florida and sent me a picture of this mother and baby manatee. Squee! Weekends don't get much better than that! How was yours?


Kristi Schueler said…
You're celtic knotwork and weaving is fantastic! I generally think myself good at spatial stuff, but I can't usually work out the knots and such without step-outs. Thanks for sharing your classwork.