Diva Challenge and WZAC Meeting

Business first. This week's Diva Challenge was to use the tangle 'FLUX' in a tile. I've been working on the quote and main design in my doodle book for a couple of days now so I added FLUX to it. It's the plant like bits nestled in the border curves.
I don't use FLUX much so it was nice to get acquainted with it.  Maria's version of the pattern is on the top border and Rick's is in the lower border.

Saturday was our Wisconsin Zentangle Artists' Coalition meeting out in Waunakee. I love this group SO MUCH! I wish the meeting was more than quarterly! It was nice to meet up with my doodle buddies again and see what everyone is working on and to learn new techniques. As an added bonus, the president, Katie, brought along a couple of special guests; two lovely, young women from the Latter Day Saints church who are here in Wisconsin on their mission. One of the girls is the daughter of Jimmy Osmond, Donnie and Marie's little brother. They were  both super sweet and enthused about tangling. I'm sure it's a great outlet for the stress and loneliness of being away from their families for a year!

The ladies at my table were all working on something called Smash Books which is a hybrid version of a Zentangling journal and scrapbooking. It was beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work and makes me want to investigate color more!

On the way home, I stopped at Mendota Park in Middleton for a stroll. It was a beautiful sunny day but the wind coming off the still-ice-covered lake cut my walk a little short. I wasn't dressed for it. But it was gorgeous! Scott and I used to go to that park quite often when his grandmother lived in the assisted living place just up the road. 

 You can see the ice is gone from the shore but is still pretty solid in the middle. 

 I just love water diamonds. I have a small video clip we took at Rockland Breakwater a couple of summers ago of beautiful diamonds on the ocean waves that I watch now and again just to make myself heart-wrenchingly homesick!

I woke up Sunday to a layer of ice and a cold rainy day, so Ben, Cooper and I spent the it doing chores and then  reading, knitting and watching National Geographic. It was nice to kick back and just chill. We got the dishes done and chores all tied up before the new seasons of  'Call The Midwife' and 'Mr. Selfridge' on PBS began at 7:00 PM.-perfect ending to a perfect weekend. 


Ilse said…
Both Flux verslons look lovely!
Jean Chaney said…
Very nice use of both styles of Flux. I loved seeing the pictures too.
michele said…
I love this!
Pat Mathes said…
Like your journal page. Your flux is great and I love that you used both Maria's version and Rick's.
HeidiSue said…
what a beautiful piece! I love the quote, and you've put it in such a pretty font, with just stunning illumination. Wonderful pics of the lake, too.
You really interpreted the tangle beautifully. The shading is great.
J L Johnson said…
Your page, quote and tangle are lovely. Sounds like you had a fun and relaxing weekend.
Your Flux us beautiful in this zia. Thanks for sharing those photos, especially the one with the 'diamonds'.
Didisch said…
Both your flux versions look as if they were made for you> great quote, with beautiful lettering!
Annie Taylor said…
A very beautiful tangle combination, Melinda. Perfectly finished off with two gorgeous versions of Flux. Axxx
Gloria J Zucaro said…
A beautiful piece of work. Both versions of FLUX work well. Thanks for the photos, too. Sounds like fun to meet with other tanglers! You should see about "The Clearing" Folk Art School in Ellison Bay having a CZT teacher have a workshop every summer. I go up every year for either oil painting with Frankie Johnson or pastel with Bonnie Paruch.
Donald Wilka said…
Your Flux flows well. It works well as an embellishment as well as a main tangle.
Antonine Koval said…
Your Flux is so pretty! The quote is so appropriate now, as it reminds me of the traditional Easter Vigil service that begins in the dark and then finds the light. So nice!
How wonderful that you belong to a group that you enjoy. Your poem is done beautifully and it's great to see both styles of flux done together as if that was meant to be. Lovely rendering!
LezliB said…
I love your page and the use of Flux set it off nicely. Very nicely done and I enjoyed your post as well. The pictures are beautiful and remind me of when I spent a little time in Wisconsin when I was working. I went there for some training and often thought that it would be a nice place to retire. Well done and great journal page.

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