Spring on the Farm

I worked a shift on the farm this morning. I hadn't been over for about a month or so, so it was good to catch up with the fur and feather babies again. I didn't take many photos, I was too busy and my hands were full. After everyone was fed and cleaned, I set up a beauty parlor services for the donkeys and goats. The sheep were quite put out that they weren't included but I can get a curry comb through their winter wools so I gently did their noses to appease them.  Frances' eyes rolled back in his head he liked that so much! I spent about an hour and a half getting everyone done. It would have been shorter, but Diane, Opal and Frosty (goats) would get back in line and try to convince me that they hadn't been done yet so they could have another go....more than once.

But here are a couple I took:
This is Billie and Nillie-both of them loved beauty parlor. Today was Nillie's birthday so she got a little extra attention!

This is handsome Blaine.  He is such a snuggle bug.

And he has gorgeous blue eyes and a winning smile.

There are three new turkey girls. They are so friendly and curious. I sat in their stall for quite some time while they investigated my shoelaces and pant legs and got snuggles and scritches.

They are shameless food beggars-even the goat's mineral lick wasn't safe!

Miss WinniePig was so clean when she went out! She had a ball rooting around in the spring mud.   I went over to visit her and put my face down to talk to her. Big mistake. She did a reverse snort and blew mud and piggy snot rockets all over me! I picked stuff out of my hair until I got in the shower. LOL! Piggy love! Kinda yucky but I'll take it.

Everyone was pretty happy that the long winter is finally over. Everyone was feeling frisky. Lilly, the blind mini pig even went outside to sit in the sun for a few minutes. I'm so glad I had a chance to see everyone again.