Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Outdoor Adventure: A Photo Essay

Belleville Park Bridge

Dam! Damn!
Big waterfall
Wee Waterfall
I know nothink!

Geese, eh?
There's one in every crowd. Goosed!

Down by the riverside

My brown eyed girls

Sea Urchin fossils

Barnacle fossils
(Or as some have suggested, Reeses' Mini Peanut Butter Cup fossils!

What did you do last weekend?


Barb said...

Thanks for the photo essay.....it all looks lovely and who knew that Reeses Peanut Butter cups have been in production for that long?!?!?!!

Last weekend I attended the Kickapoo Country Fair in LaFarge, WI. Went to workshops on mead making and wild edibles plant walk. Bought wee little jelly jars of beer jam....no kidding...and they are delicious. Got to see some goats, too. It was a splendid day.

Deborah said...

Loved the bit about the Reesy cups!!!

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