Diva Challenge: String 004

This week's Diva Challenge was to use a specific string (the foundation line to use as a guide to fill in the tangles).  The String looks like this  picture (which I shamelessly stole from the Tangle Pattern site. If I'm in trouble, please let me know and I'll take it down and apologize!)

TanglePatterns String 004
Anytime a string has those little loopies in it, I see 'Purk'.  They look like seed pods to me and are one of my favorites.  So I put them in both loops. I decided to 'theme' the rest of the tangle with nature designs-Sanibel in the lower right (and Purk) for plants, Rikpool by the amazing Neil Burkey, for the sea, Vauche for the animal print in the lower right hand corner and for the life of me I can't remember the one in the upper left for the stars/sky. If someone knows and could leave the name in the comments, I'd appreciate it. It's a new-ish one for me and I've been adding it to a lot of tangles lately.

I also made this hummingbird on a Thank You note for my Mum.  The color was added digitally afterward. 
And in keeping with the hummer design, which I like very much, I did this in my art journal. The dolphin was an afterthought-ignore it!
I like to tangle sitting on the sofa with my lap desk, but these days I have a lot of help. Cooper insists on sitting ON whatever paper I have and swatting at the pen
See what a big help he is?
Eventually he plays himself out and then SLEEPS on my work
Or ...
on ME
But look at that face! It's not difficult to put down the tangle and just snuggle the little guy.
His Nibs has his second kitty vet visit this afternoon.  When I got him on July 1, he weighed about a pound and a quarter. I think he's around three lbs now. He eats like a wee piglet. He'd weight more except he's pretty much in high gear all the time he's awake. He's a curious mix of flying squirrel, porcupine, burdock and snugglemonster. It'll be interesting to find out what the vet says.


Michelle said…
What a cutie you have as a "helper"!
Anonymous said…
Your work is beautiful and your kitten is precious!
Anonymous said…
Hahahahahaaaa...thanks for sharing this! You just made my day. :D

Your challenge entry is great but I have to admit that I'm much more drawn to your amazing hummingbird! It simply looks stunning. Did you draw it yourself?
Your tile is beautiful, but to be honest, I looked more at the pictures of your kitten. That one is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Zoe Brener said…
Amaaaaaazing shading & 3D wirk! Love your artbjournal. Started one myself a few days ago. Love your cat, understand what it's like :)
LonettA said…
Beautiful tile with great shading! Your hummingbird is amazing and ... your kitten is so cute!!
Mum said…
MeeMaw misses her flying tiger/snuggle bunny.