Mum's Visit

Mum is safe and sound back in the wilds of nothern Maine after a week long visit with us. I miss her already. She liked our new condo and her new grandbaby, Cooper.  He liked his MeeMaw right back.
He has learned never to look at the camera from his brother, Ben.

This picture was taken right before he ate MeeMaw's face off. Not really! He's a pretty gentle guy and is learning when 'playing' becomes too rough. 

We had a lot of fun while Mum was here. We went garage sale and thrift store shopping and got some wicked awesome deals. We went to a couple of movies (The Heat , which was a riot, and Turbo 3D which was meh). We did some garden sitting when the weather cooled off, went to the casino where we won $400 between us and went to the butterfly exhibit at Olbrich Gardens. 

Gorgeous flowers
Waterfalls....(and the most camera shy butterflies in the world. Ben must have gotten to them too!)
No matter what we were doing, we had a great time together. I sure wish she lived closer.  Apparently Ben does too because he hasn't left Grammie's bed or eaten since she left. Come back soon, Grammie, before he 'tarves to def!