Diva Challenge

This week's Challenge was a DuoTangle. You had to create a Zentangle using only two patterns; Cirquital and Opus.  If you click on the names you can see the patterns. I don't use these two patterns usually and I took a few liberties with Opus and added Cirquitals at the end of the 'branches' but it was a fun challenge!
We've been pretty busy visiting with my Mum who is here from Maine. We've been to garage sales, thrift store shopping and out to supper with friends. We have salon appts, massage appts, casino runs and movies on tap for this week. But most of her time has been spent wrangling Cooper who has become super energized since he has access to food now. He's almost doubled his weight and has a little fat kitten tummy. And he NEVER STOPS...EVER.  He's a quick little bugger too. If you do happen to catch sight of him it's when he's flying through the air from point A to point B. We think he has a floor allergy. He tends to travel on the tops of furniture a lot.

He's also learning every day. He's learning that if he climbs peoples legs at the table he gets thrown in kitty jail (the downstairs bathroom). It doesn't stop him, but he knows it will happen and starts screaming as soon as you pick him up and head in that direction. And just yesterday he learned that if you stand in the fridge door when it's open, it will slowly close and squash you. Most of all, he's learning from his big brother. He watches Ben a lot of the time.  And Ben keeps a close eye on him too and doesn't like it when he doesn't know where is he. He ran at the speed of light yesterday when Cooper got caught in the fridge door and made a horrible sound. A couple of nudges with his big snout to make sure the little guy was OK and all was right with the world again. Don't you wish everyone cared for and looked out for everyone else that well! We could learn a lot from our furry friends!


Your tile is beautiful; and different than the others I've seen.
LonettA said…
Very clever solution! Great job!
I agree, your tile is beautiful and very original.
Cathy said…
Your tile is beautiful! I also enjoyed reading about the kitty!
wow! beautiful!
i was planning to do something like that too but changed my mind. :)
Uuna said…
Your tangles round very finely. I like moving in this tile. Beautiful!
Donald Wilka said…
Nice job on the Cirquital. I think adding it to the Opus is a unique way to integrate both tangles.
ledenzer said…
Very nice use of both patterns....really nice the way the opus ends in cirquital!
Sue said…
I had thought about using cirquital as the centre for opus curls... but yours turned out so much better than I think mine would have. Nicely done.