Moose Und Squirrel

In THIS Sheldon Cooper.
 He's new around here. 10 weeks old. Weighing in at 1 1/2 pounds ( if he is carrying a 1/4# catnip mouse). Skills include ambush acupuncture, shorts bursts of low-level flight and disarming his opponent with unbearable cuteness.

In THIS Bentley The Labradork
He's been on the circuit for several years. Weighing in at 80# of pure lean muscle cunningly dispersed around pockets of Pupperoni and McDonald's French fries, his skills include knocking his opponent for a loop with his tail, attempting to drown said opponent under the guise of 'washing' him (after loading up in the water dish first) and 'accidentally' and nonchalantly sitting on opponents...when he's awake that is.

It was an unlikely match, but Cooper was ahead the first day as Bentley was askeered of the little fella and cowered behind his business manager a lot.  But last night they united against a common enemy, the red laser dot. Cooper would go a couple of rounds up on the sofa cushion, then he would tag Bentley in and Ben would try to squash it by sneaking up on it and swatting it with his big paw. After about 20 minutes they won against the evil menace and it disappeared completely. There is nothing like team work and accomplishing a goal to bring people together and make them fast friends...
Moose und Squirrel-Victors and Comrades!


Elizabeth said…
It's going to be interesting times ahead at your house!
Barb said…
Bentley will be a very good big brother. Can't wait to hear all the tales that come out of this union!!!
Michelle said…
I don't know; I think Bentley still looks a little askeered in that last photo!
Mo said…
Congratulations on your new kitteh family member!

I love the BBT episode where Sheldon collects a bunch of cats!

Is little sheldon a "zazzie" kitty too?

Take care,