Diva Challenge 128: Two Pencil String

This week's Diva Challenge was to use two pencils tied together to draw the foundation string. I lived the concept but overdid it with mine and it's kind of muddy.  So she goes sometimes:
And I'm not really sure what the Rambo artillery belt thing is doing there....

Anyway, I just whipped it up quick because my Mum has been here visiting us this week and we've had such a good time. She requested a slow and leisurely 'restful' vacation so that's what we did. We did do a few fun things like the Butterflies at Olbrich Garden, thrift store shopping, dinners with friends and a couple of movies, but mostly just spent time being together and that's the best of all. I hope you all had as great a week as I did!


Susan said…
Oh, this is a beauty! I really like your choice of tangles.
You really made me laugh: Rambo artillery!!!
Your tile is pretty, with great tangles.
Glad the time with your mum was good. My daughter was here last weekend and we also had the best time talking and talking and talking!
LonettA said…
I like this tile very much! Nice choice of tangles and great shading!
The "Rambo artillery belt" makes me smile!
Shelly Beauch said…
Fun, I am sure Rambo would love it!
Mrs Wibbs said…
Love the tangles you used here :)