Diva Challenge #106: "The Year of the Snake"

I'm working tonight but took a much needed 15 minute break to doodle this week's Diva challenge...to tangles something representative of 2013: Year of the Snake, in honor of Chinese New Year. I wish I had more time to spend on this one. I can think of all kinds of ways to use snakey lines, but alas this will have to do for now.

Speaking of her Diva-ness, Laura Harms, I entered a contest on her blog last week and won a Tangle A Day Calendar! First Neil Burley and now this?!?!? The Tangle Gods are surely shining on me this last couple of weeks. Thanks again Laura for the special treat!

Back to the salt mines!


distangleart said…
Congrats on your win, you will love the book, I have one. I like how you entwined your snake around the border, great idea.
Chrissie said…
Congratulations on winning the calendar and my your luck continue. I think your snake this week will be the longest in this weeks Challenge when he becomes unravelled.
Susan said…
Your tile is beautiful. I love how you have wrapped him (or her) around the frame. Congratulations on your first win in the year of the snake. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. They really are interesting when complete.
ledenzer said…
Perfection! My favorite part is the way he coils around the frame!
Your tile is beautiful and so is the snake. Great that you've won teh calendar.
Congrats on your win, how fun! This tile is great, your shading is perfect. I agree, that is one long snake!
C said…
Love it! I love the movement of the snake around the border, and especially that in some places he winds around lots where others it's loosely wrapped. Very nice. :)
Ginny Stiles said…
Yup...I love this snakes "attitude"!
What a curly guy!
I am saving this one to look at later.

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