Today was...well....trying.  I have been anticipating a bad day tomorrow but today's suckage was an ambush.  So this evening I just doodled. First, to remind myself to 'just keep swimming...keep swimming' , a la Dorie in Finding Nemo, I did a regulation sized tile with a non-regulation turtle on it. Zentangles aren't supposed to be representational of anything so the turtle is bucking the rules.  Then I went ahead and fiddled with some new watercolor pencils and colored him in....Mwahahahahah. Rules? We don' need no stinkin' rules!  I felt marginally better after 'sticking it to the man'...even if the man is only in my head.

Thus settled, I started shading a larger piece I've been working on. I can't decide if it reminds me more of seed pods or some dreaded virus coursing though the bloodstream.
At any rate, it was repetitive enough to calm me down to the point where I am over today and can face tomorrow with a little bit more perspective. Thank you Zentangle Gods. I'm sorry I poked you with a stick earlier with that whole turtle thing.

Another very calming thing:

This is Duchess. She is visiting with us while her folks are on a cruise. She is quite the snuggler, so between her and Ben (who has snuggled so much he was napping when this pic was taken) I am thoroughly loved. How bad can tomorrow be when I have this to look forward to when I get home!


Barb said…
When your post popped up on my reader my first thought was "Oh, I LOVE sea turtles!". Then scrolling down and seeing those sweet, sweet are surely loved.

Right now my own sweet-eyed pooch is telling me to put the tea cup down and take him out for his morning constitution. So off I go.
mum said…

When you've had enough snuggle love from this little girl, send her my way!