Diva Challenge 107: Quandry

This week's challenge over on Laura's Blog is to use the new official Zentangle pattern-Quandry.  Here are the steps from over on the Zentangle blog.
This one was really difficult for me. My spacing was so off, I didn't have many 'flower' shapes in there. Then I saw a video of someone drawing it and it just clicked..  Not much time tonight, so I pulled another 15 minute job. It's quick and dirty but here it is.

Looking forward to when I have more time to prefect Quandry.  It's a tangle pattern that's a great filler for places where you don't want anything dark or a grid.  Kudos for another great challenge Laura! Thanks for the coffee break!


Your spacing looks perfect, I love your little mushroom world.
Susan said…
Beautifully done! I love your dragonfly.
Chrissie said…
Beautiful, I also like the mushrooms, snail and dragonfly.
Beth Skipper said…
Nice use of quandary as a background.
katydidsworld said…
Nice work in 15 minutes!
ledenzer said…
So delicate and feminine! I love the dragonfly!
I also love this tile with the dragonfly!
Helen said…

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