Tuesday, February 05, 2013

SQUEE!!! Neil Burley! Neil Burley! Neil Burley

The mail just came and I am now the proud owner of a Neil Burley print, sent to me by none other than... Neil Burley himself!   Squeeee! Neil is one of my favorite artists and tangle pattern designers. Historic building elements, from the UK where he lives, inspire him to create a lot of intricate patterns that he posts on his site for us all to use in our own work. You really owe it to yourself to hop on over to his site and take a look at his brilliant work! I'll wait......Yay! You're back!  Did you see all of the patterny goodness over there!?  I KNOW right?!?! Here is a bad scan of the patterny goodness that is mine, all mine!
This is one of 6 prints that Neil hand printed of 'Rockpool', one of his original designs.

And here is the back side with the information.

I entered a contest on Neil's blog a few weeks ago and was one of the 6 lucky winners of his work. In honor of this wonderful stroke of luck and my love of Neil's work, I think I'll make my next piece with only tangles he created!

Thanks so much for the wonderful prize and the pick-me-up boost to my day, Neil!


perfectly4med said...

You're very welcome, and thank you for your encouragement over the months I've been publishing my designs :)


Sara said...

How wonderful! I hadn't heard of this site, so thanks for sharing. His work is absolutely incredible. Tangle On, Melinda!

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