One Goat In, Two Goats Out

Although the weekend got off to a rough start , it turned out to be pretty eventful. I went to breakfast and to see Dark Shadows (campy) with a friend on Saturday morning. The day was so beautiful that after our breakfast at Hubbard Avenue Diner, we got a walk in before the movie started. Saturday afternoon I found myself uber exhausted and decided that the chores I had planned could be shelved in deference to gorgeous weather and Mr. Ben and I parked ourselves outside in the fresh air.

It wasn't too long before an ambulance and fire truck pulled up and carted my new upstairs neighbor off to the Emergency Room. Not sure what happened. It was encouraging to see her walk down the steps of her own volition (although heavily assisted) after the hunky firemen busted her door down to get her out. I told her not to worry about her dog Finnegan.  Ben and I would go get him and take care of him.
Turns out Finn is a carbon copy of Ben. He's a boxer lab mix of the same size, shape, weight. temperament and drool quantity. Two goofy knuckleheads They had a great time together until Finn went back home to his Mom around midnight.

Saturday evening I went out to supper with friends to celebrate Steve's birthday. We ate at Longhorn Steakhouse. Good food. I had the lobster baked potato which made me homesick. Oh to have gone to Young's Lobster Pound instead!

Sunday morning at the farm was sad and hilarious both. First thing, we found that Rosie-the-duck had gotten herself stuck in a confined space in her stall and hurt her leg. She went off to the Emergency Clinic.  It was scary, but she's doing well and I'm sure will be back soon.  She is the sweetest little thing. One of the staff hand-raised her at home as a duckling and so she loves people.

It was another beautiful day and Lola spent it bathing in the sun that shines against the barn door. It does get toasty and warm in that spot and the black rubber mat that's out there draws even more heat.  I'm surprised she didn't smell like bacon cooking she was out there so long. Here you see a volunteer poking her to see if she's 'done'.

Just kidding. Every time someone walked by the bathing beauty, we couldn't resist giving her belly rubs.  She loves them and they make her little piggy tail go! Talk about Hog Heaven!

We got all of the barn work done and the volunteers went home. I puttered around some more until a lady and her daughter came in for a tour. We started at the further end of the barn. I asked if they wanted to go in the goat stall to visit and they said that they did. When I opened the stall door, two goats escaped.  I opened the door to get them back in and only got one in before two more came out. It was like a Three Stooges routine. Since I was giving a tour, I tried to play it cool and just let them be, figuring I would get them back in the stall after the guests left.  So for the remainder of their visit, we had an entourage of Butch (a big goat), Clark and Diana (mini goats), Teddy (a mini sheep) and Lola following us all around. They were very well behaved and at our heels the whole way. It was pretty funny. We went down to the horse pasture and Thor and Mick (the llamas) were thrilled with their new friends. They all touch noses and then settled down to eat grass from the same patch.

We got back in the barn and the guests insisted on trying to help me get the goats in one more time. Even with a sweet feed incentive, we couldn't get everyone in at the same time. The guests left and as soon as I  opened the stall door and they went right in! And no one came back out!  I guess they were just putting on a little show for their company. Sunday mornings are nothing if not entertaining at the Farm!


Sarah Solberg said…
I love hearing about the goat escape stories, we all have a few to tell! How cute that they followed you around :)
Anonymous said…
Hi :) I was just wondering what type of a dog Ben is? We have a dog named Bilbo who looks exactly like him, but we can't figure out what breed he is.