Brush With Celebrity

I went to see Who's Line Is It Anyway-Live at The Overture Center this weekend. Walking in from the parking garage I looked to my left and saw a gentleman, sharply dressed in black, talking on his cell phone.  Two steps later I  realized it was Greg Proops, one of the improvisational comedians from the show. I did the stereotypical double take and waved. He gave a kind of  'Oh-My-God-If-I-Give-Even-The-Subtlest-Encouragement-This-Lady-Is-Going-To-Come-Over-Here-And-No-One-Wants-To-See-That-Happen' lift of the chin in acknowledgement. You know...the kind you don't get it you're 19...and blonde...and stacked. Anyway, I was glad just to have a wee brush with one of  The Shiny People to add to my list.

The show was phenomenal. I am amazed at the quick wit and talent of that kind of comedian. I've been a Ryan Styles fan since I first saw him on The Drew Cary Show and he certainly didn't let me down Saturday. Chip and Jeff were outstanding as usual.  Brilliant minds and plenty of belly laughs. That's what I call a perfect evening!

Sunday at the farm was HOT. It was the first really hot day of the season and I was unprepared. I didn't eat breakfas,t then I forgot my water bottle and had to pick one up at the store. When I came out of the store, there was an elderly lady standing out front and she asked me if she could beg a favor. She had locked her keys in the car and wanted a ride a couple of blocks over to get her keys.

There is something weird about me. No! Other than they myriad of things we already know about! Strangers (except for Greg Proops) approach me all the time and ask me to do things: take their picture,  hold their infant/child/keys/purse/backpack/jacket/groceries, give me a lift/ directions/your phone/some money/gum. It's weird.  How do they know I'm trust-worthy? How to they know I won't give them bum directions? How so they know I won't run off with their camera/infant/child//purse/backpack/jacket/groceries? I guess just one look at me says that I'm built for comfort, not for getaway speed and that I'd just love to tell them where to go, I guess! But how do they know I have gum? !

Anyway, I agreed and drove her to her apartment. She thanked me for the ride and I told her to go in and grab her keys and I would give her a ride back to the gas station and make sure she got into her car alright. She went into the senior apartments and then didn't come out, and didn't come out, and .didn't.come.out.   Just when  I'm starting to think that she got clear to her apartment at the back of the very top floor, realized that THOSE  keys were also locked in her car, had a stroke and died in the hallway, when out she comes. She proceeds to tell me that she ran into Myrna and then Louise and then Bertha and then Maurice and she told them each the story of how the nice lady from the filling station gave her a ride to get her keys....Sigh.

I'm glad I left home extra early so I wasn't late getting to the farm, but due to a couple tours and other things, I didn't get home until 1:30; exhausted, over-heated and henpecked-literally.

 Esme, the female turkey was really verklempt about something. She paced the fence line crying for almost all of my shift. So before I left, I picked her up and went to the bank under the shady trees to sit with her a spell. I stroked her head and back and she settled into my lap, eyes closed....drowsing. After about 15 minutes I removed my left arm that was loosely supporting her body thinking that she would jump down. Nope. She was in cuddle position for the long we sat like that for quite a while until I started getting a headache from the heat. I gently moved my legs and she turned her sweet, little, face around and looked at me.  I talked to her, telling her that I didn't want to, but I had to go home-yadda-yadda know, just talking turkey...and then she hauled back and pecked me right in the chest, hopped down and went back to pacing the fence line. Now I have an Esme's-beak-shaped hole right above my left boob to show for my time. Sigh.  No good deed goes unpunished. LOL!  At least I made her feel better for a little while....right before I ticked her off again that is!

So that was my weekend. Hob-nobbing with the stars, ferrying old ladies and gone to the birds.  How was yours?


Kitty Mommy said…
Oh man, the little old lady story made me giggle. When Grandma W still lived in an apartment, getting mail from the mail box was about an hour and a half ordeal, starting with the mob of stalkers waiting for the mailman and ending with full updates from every single neighbor.
Renee Anne said…
I am so jealous that you got to see the Who's Line crew. I wanted to go but other things were in the way....oh well.
MadCityMike said…
Don and I were at the show as well! We, too, enjoyed it very much. My daughter, who lives in DC, got online to see what Madison had to offer this Spring, found the show and bought/gave us the tickets for our birthdays. Nice to get an "experience" for a present. ;)
Sorry to hear about the bad experience filled day, but leave it to you to find the silver lining in it all and be upbeat about it. You are an excellent example of what we humans should act like in all situations. Thank you for being you..... ;)