Ben and Molly Sitting In a Tree.....

♫ Ben has a  girlfriend! ♫ Ben has a girlfriend!♫

Miss Molly is spending a couple of days with us while her folks go away for the weekend. She's a looker, Molly is.  About 8 " tall and maybe 6 lbs (if you strap another mini dachshund to her back)! She's an older girl and doesn't let Ben push her around just because of his size. She thought he  took a little getting used to at first, but they were buddies within a couple of hours.  This morning though, he strolled by  while she was eating her breakfast and she bared her teeth and let him have it with her best 'I-Will-Eat-Your-Face-Off-If-You-Come-One-Step-Closer' growl and Ben was all like, 'Uh...Gosh...My mistake, Ma'am!' and couldn't back up fast enough. Girl Power!

I walked them separately last night, but together this morning. It was like a circus sideshow; Ben oblivious to the fact that there was anyone outside with him at all and Molly creatively macrame-ing his paws together by winding under this belly and around his feet. Together they made knots that would put the Boy Scouts to shame. I became very adept at untying them which should come in handy next time I use a new skein of yarn and that big ball of yarn barf pops out of the middle.

They've already formed an very effective alliance  in the treat department. They take turns looking adorable and then when I toss them treats, Ben gobbles the ones in the center of the floor and Molly darts to get the ones that roll under the sofa and love seat. Ben just stand there looking amazed as he hears the crunching coming from far beneath the furniture. He can't even get his big lunkhead under there! Bonus for Molly; there are treats from waaaay before she arrived  under there. She may be a little heavier than 6# when she goes home!

It's been interesting watching the dynamic that's for sure. We usually have big, boy dogs over so it's an even match.  Molly has proved that she's a 80# lab in a tenny tiny body and fits in just fine!


Kitty Mommy said…
Awesome! Remind me to tell you about the conversation about the puppies that would result from this marriage that the kids had in the back on the way over next time we knit. :oD
county girl said…
Dachshunds are my favorite....sorry Ben. That's what I had growing up. I can just hear you now..."Molly..when Ben was a puppy he use to drink from the toilet. :) See...I have pictures."
Michelle said…
How did you produce music notes in your first line??? I've been wishing I could use those for various blog posts for YEARS!!! Please share!
Aww what a cute pair!