Bits and Giggles

I have another sighting to add to my bird list.  Earlier this week I was surprised to see what turned out to be a Virginia Rail in a tree by the pond across the street from my house. And last night I saw this.

This is a rare and elusive El Pato. She was not very scared of people. I walked pretty close to her to get this shot with my phone.  They are noted for their plaintive cry, 'Graznar! Gaznar!' I know this is an El Pato and not a regular old duck because she was standing outside the front door of  Cuco's Mexican Restaurant.

Had a nice dinner with friends. Here you see 'Senor Scottada'
after his really big Margarita...ole!

I tried to have my picture taken but  I am 'fun-sized' and apparently this is just a photo op for tall people. My face only came to the mariachi guys chest! My face only came to the mariachi guys chest! You could see a little bit of my hair though. Looked like he had a beard, but no face. It was horrifying!

I ran out of things to doodle on so I decided to doodle on my nails!  Just kidding (for now, but you know it's only a matter of time). They are actually a decal type deal-y I found at the drug store.  I usually don't worry too much about my nails, other than keeping them clean and ultra short, because I do too many crafts and barn work and stuff, but I couldn't resist when I saw these! Kinda a pain in the butt to apply but they're supposed to  last a long time. 

Once again aliens have breached the security system at Chez Bee.  You may recall that they visited a month or two ago and took every stitch of  my bed covers off two nights in a row.   Now the hooliganism has escalated!   You hear about it on those Sci Fi shows, but you never think it'll happen to you...and then one morning and you find an obviously alien-mutilated cow on your living room floor. Oh the horror!They amputation was done with surgical prowess and as you can see, they removed all the blood from the bovine first. Even though that's creepy, I appreciate not having to spend the day scrubbing the stains out of the carpet. They must have taken the remainder of the cow aboard their ship and whisked it off to their planet for further study and experimentation because I looked all over the house and couldn't any other parts.  Weird.

I have GOT to get the locks changed!


Sara said…
It always makes my day when I get to read a Molly Bee post! You SO had me fooled about the nails! Ha! I want some now!