Wild and Wooly Weekend

No farming this weekend. I was supposed to attend a horse class on Saturday afternoon but was ill and couldn't go so I haven't seen any of my babies since last Wed. and won't see them 'til THIS Wednesday!  It's still been a pretty full weekend even with not feeling well.

I went to the dentist on Friday. I woke up Christmas morning missing a chunk of my bottom, front tooth. I'd already chipped the other one. I blame Santa. After eating all of those cookies year after year, his own chompers must be falling out by now.  But to steal them while you sleep seems a little extreme. In cahoots with the Tooth Fairy no doubt. So I went in and endured the 'all I want for Christmas is your two front teeth' jokes and got them fixed. $149! 

Then I took Ben to the vet to get his nails trimmed and have someone look at his boo-boo ear. He is prone to ear infections in his left ear because of the way it's designed-not a lot of air circulates in there and it stays moist. He has a lulu this time. $149! I was beginning to think it was a conspiracy!

I went to Knit Night for a bit in the evening. My girls always make everything all better. That and the peppermint hot chocolate.  I've picked up this sweater again  and am making good progress. See! there HAS been knitting!

And I'm also looking forward to having a Fiddlehead Mitten Knit Along with my bud, Nancy, back in Maine. She's taking a class at her local yarn store and I've been wanting to knit them forever so we'll do it together over cyberspace! I am lining mine with 100% baby alpaca! SOFT!!!!

Saturday I was pretty much down for the count but felt better enough this morning to get up and go to early breakfast with friends, Scott and Michael. We went to a new restaurant called The Egg and I and it's pretty yummy.  I love hanging with Scott and Michael.  Lots of laughter mixed with soul searching.

As you know all dogs on the planet belong to me. I just keep them different places. Scott and Michael have my golden-doodle, Duchess, and take excellent care of her. She was along for the ride this morning so I go snorgles and snogs and she also gave me a belated Christmas gift.

Purple elf shelf sitters! Aren't they adorable? She has excellent taste, no?

This week brings Knitter's Guild, farming, shoe shopping and carpet cleaning. Who could ask for anything more? Have a good week everybody!


Michelle said…
Hey, I'd be doing the Dance of Joy if I ever got out of a dentist's office for only $149! Was that WITH dental insurance (of which we have none)?

Your Oregon dogs Jackson and Dozer say "Hi." :-)
MadCityMike said…
Ok, I admit it....I really thought you were going to say you spend $149 at Knit Night, too.
Your sweater is looking good!
Hopefully, you are feeling all better and will not miss seeing your "Kids" this Wednesday.
Have a great week!
Sara said…
'See you at guild tomorrow night....but I have to know the name of your sweater pattern and might forget to ask so I'm asking now and here so that I don't forget and also I had too much chocolate tonight can you tell?
That sweater is amazing, and I also thought you were going to spend $149 at knit night! Also, I think snog has a different meaning here, but the idea of you snogging a dog amused me a lot =P
Anonymous said…
The sweater looks beautiful. Can't wait until the mitten class on Saturday! I could use the distraction. I can knit and keep Tom company with his broken finger/hand. :)
You owe it to your blog readers to spend $149.00 at knit night.