The Great Goat Rodeo

Since it was Wednesday night, to the barn I took flight,
To do chores in this cold winter season.
Tonight there was a note, said,  'Put coats on the goats,
To keep cute, fuzzy butts from a'freezin.'

How hard could it be? There were just two, not three,
That didn't have coats on already.
The coats had  some straps and went over their backs.
We just had to hold them real steady.

It seemed easy enough, for these two were not gruff.
The task should go smoother than butter.
And the goats were both Billies so the belt for their bellies
Wouldn't get all hung up on an udder.

But the two it turns out, had heads filled with doubt
'Bout the statement they'd make, so important,
To the llamas and mare and the other folks there,
Should bright-hued winter coats, they be sportin'.

So they dodged and they weaved, on the run they believed
From our efforts to wrap up their torsos.
But they were so wrong, because even head strong,
WE were determined and more so.

We flung out the clothes, o're their backs, where they'd go
Trying to cinch round their tummies with Velcro.
It required some skill and a great deal of will
And the wrestling moves of a Sumo.

But finally we won, the enrobing was done.
Each boy snuggly-warm like the others.
But next time there's a note about dressing a goat,
I'll decline it if I have my druthers.
Brown Goat clip art


Sue said…
You are good and in my top 2 blogs to read. Thanks for a good one.
dlmedford said…
Melinda...I am so proud to call you one of my friends! Would love to have been a fly on the wall. Ya'll need to carry a camera at all times to record all your antics!! Keep em coming!)
I guess you used up that day's worth of calories.
Mum said…
A toot and salute
To my daughter to boot
May your goat wrapping days be few
Putting coats on goats
Should not be in notes
Left for the volunteer crew!!!
That was hilarious - and actually like watching a video in my mind. xx
Sara said…
I wish that I could have filmed the technique! I'm having a hard time putting a sweater on my Boston Terrier puppy, Lola, by myself. I have to call in a support crew for that and she only weighs about 12 lbs.!