The Power Of Positive Delusional Thinking

So I went to the filling station this morning to get a cup of coffee. I do this a couple of times a week. They rotate flavors through but I almost always get hazelnut. For the last month or so though, there has been a wee sign on the hazelnut carafe that says try 'French Toast Muffin' .  I did and I LOVE it. It's very unique- way different than my normal hazelnut.   Sweet somehow. You can really taste the maple overtones. It quickly became my new favorite.  Today when I bought some, I used the last of the carafe so the following conversation with the Filling Station Lady ensued:

ME: I just maxed out your French Toast Muffin coffee.
FSL: What?
ME: I just used the last of the French Toast Muffin coffee.
FSL: (blank look)
ME: I just took the last cup of French Toast Muffin coffee (pointing to the carafe).
FSL: Oh! You mean hazelnut!
ME: (patiently) No, it's in the hazelnut carafe, but it says French Toast Muffin.
FLS: No, the coffee is hazelnut, the sign is just to get you to try one of our new French Toast Muffins.
ME: (Stunned silence)

That's right, People. I had been drinking my same old hazelnut for a month now thinking it was something brand new and exciting.  There's a lesson in there somewhere but I don't have time to learn it. I have to figure out a way to invent my beloved,  though imaginary, French Toast Muffin coffee!


Elizabeth said…
The things a marketing type could learn from you!
MadCityMike said…
I, too, am stunned silent..............

giju said…
Oh Melin...Thank you for letting me know, once again, that I am not alone! Love you girl!
Michelle said…
Thanks for the chuckle; I needed one today!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Yep, that's pretty funny!
I got drunk once on mulled cranberry juice that unbeknownst to me was really mulled cranberry juice, not mulled wine and cranberry juice. But hey, no hangover. (or bladder infection!)
Linda L. said…
I would have thought the same thing. They should have put a picture of the French Toast Muffin on the sign!

OTOH, have you tried Berres Brothers' Streusel Cake flavored coffee? Very yummy!