The Agony Goes On.....The Finorkin Fiddlehead Fiasco

It's bad, People. It's very, very bad. As you recall, I knit half a Fiddlehead Mitten (heretofore known as 'The Finorkin Fiddlehead Mittens') and decided that I needed to go up a needle size. I did and was very pleased with the results.  I knit the blue. Groovy. I even started to like the icord cast on. Then I knit the teal...Oooo! Nice transition.  Then I got to the sea glass green and the thumb and all of that jazz.  Still going really well... I switched to the purple heather....hmmmm, not wild about that but I'll keep going....Then I got to the fifth color, a darker purple, and knit all the way to the top decrease and look what happened.

#1.  There are two colors of purple there and even though they don't look like it on the skein, they are too close in color to tell apart when knit side by side.
#2.  All the blues together and then the purples looks ok when I laid the skeins out, but clearly it is too dorky to live in reality.

So....sigh....look away, People. You know what happens next. I'm frogging the whole thing AGAIN and will rearrage the contrasting colors so it is Navy, Heather Purple, Teal, Dark Plum then Sea Green on the finger tips.  The only thing I'm debating now is whether to keep the ash gray as the main color or use the darker colors as the main color and the grey as the fiddle heads design?  Anyone want to weigh in?  I have absolutely no faith in my ability to put colors together now.  But at least I'm getting my money's worth/ 'enjoyment' out of the pattern and yarn, no?  Aren't Knit-Alongs fun, Nanc?


Renee Anne said…
Boooooo! I can understand the frustration (though I haven't made anything nearly this complicated)...

But, keep thinking of the finished results...maybe that will keep you going :)
county girl said… I'm ahead??? So sorry, Mel. It is fun to knit, but PAINFUL to rip back. None of my colors are ANYTHING like the others so, other then being really blindingly far so good. Ican say the colors go together and are pretty. I'll post a pic soon on your FB so you can see the progress. HUGS and don't give up, maybe put aside for a few days, but don't give up.
I may have to take a few days off. I have a double baby shower this weekend.
Love ya,
Sara said…
They will be awesome when you finish them, though!
On another note, I gave a presentation to an organization to which I belong today...Doodling 101. (Zentangling...They loved it and stayed on for a long time drawing and looking at my examples and books! Really fun!