Relaxing Weekend

We had a pretty relaxing weekend around here for a change. It was finally sunny again.

My Knit Sisters came over on Friday night. We watched a Harry Potter movie, had warm apple dumplings and they commiserated with me about having to rip out 6 inches of the sweater front I was almost finished with. Le sigh.

Saturday I did some spiffin' up in the nest which included cleaning out my bookshelves. Two huge bags are out the door!  A bag of knitting ones for the Knit Sisters and a bag of cookbooks for St. Vinnies! Ahhh... space!  My place will never be Zen, but I don't want it to turn into an episode of Hoarders either!

I also started the Fiddlehead Mitten KAL with Nancy. I haven't done i-cord cast on before and I love the way it looks but it took a bit for it to click for me. But I've finally got one mitten on and about 8 rows of the palm!

Today I had a barn shift. It was nice to see the gang again. Colder than heck though. Took a while for Anna to get up and going. She was so asleep when I got there that she was groggy for quite a few minutes; yawning and blinking. It was so cute. The pigs surprised us by not running from their stall out to the pen like they always do.  Maxine stopped to dine on some duck food on the way out of the barn and Beatrice started down the back path for Verona before we enticed her back with some sweet feed. They must not have been too hungry this morning because usually all you can see is piggy butts bouncing straight for the troth, be it in the barn or in their pen. Toby is growing and we had a snuggle session that included a surprise French kiss. I've always allowed that I didn't like beef tongue on principle but it wasn't that bad.  (I'm joking.  It was GROSS!)

I was so cold when I got home that I warmed up with a shower,fleece jammies and hot tea and Big Doggie B and I sat around, watched movies and relaxed.
And now he wants to know....
"How was your weekend?"


Elizabeth said…
LOok at him sitting up like he thinks he's human!
MadCityMike said…
Beginning was busy here, too. Went to a sock machine crank in outside of Mineral Point. A really nice time. Yesterday I finished hemming those selvage rugs and washed 2 so far. Wait until you see them (Blog post this week)! I also put them in the dryer, hoping against hope they wouldn't shrink toooo much, which they didn't, but they felted some and are now thicker and softer than ever!