The Agony of Defeat Or In This Case...Da Hands

So Miss Nancy and I started our Fiddlehead Mitten Knit Along on Saturday last. I had a devil of a time getting the i-cord cast on even enough for my liking and then I started to put the thumb gusset on BOTH sides of the palm before I stopped myself after five rows, but otherwise the pattern was pretty straight forward. I am almost through the gusset. In fact I'm this far:
Don't know why that's upside down and I don't really care... because as of's all coming out! We talked about it this morning and both of us feel that since our stranded knitting is pretty tight, we'd better frog the whole works and go up a needle size or too-particularly since there is a liner mitten that has to go in there too. The plan is to go up two needles sizes on the outer, stranded, mitten but drop back, either one or two sizes down, for the inner liner which isn't stranded and therefore should be knit a bit looser. It's a good plan, but after ripping out a huge chunk of sweater front out on Friday, ditching another  two nights of work gives me a little heartburn. But at least I'm not alone! The joy of a Knit Along, eh Nanc!?!  Rip it, Sistah! Rip it!


MadCityMike said…
Have you thought about learning to weave? MUCH easier to take things out and re-do. ;)
Lisa/knitnzu said…
le gran sigh!

I just ripped back some lace... hoping as I move forward a second time it works...

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