Barnyard Spotlight: Sonny The Rooster

This here's Sonny.  Sonny is a sweetie pie and loves to be right around seeing what is going on in the barn.One of his favorite things is positioning himself to walk in front of you and then turning around and puffing up to defend himself because you are 'chasing him' .  His other favorite thing is perching somewhere close behind me and crowing to scare the bejessus out of me. He is a handsome boy with a good sense of humor. My kinda guy. Unlike some turkeys we know.
 This here's eggs.  They are not from Sonny. He's not that kinda bird. Some of his lady friends gave these to me this morning.  They don't look like this now. They look kinda exactly like egg salad.


Sara said…
Sonny's a right-goodlookin' bird! And I'll be that egg salad was mighty tasty, too!
Those egg where so large!