Animal Cookies And Broken Piggies

Yummy Whoopie Pies, no? 
I didn't think so anyway, but Ben sure did. These are tiny dog treats that Mum found on her foray to the coast of Maine this summah!  Ain't  they cunnin, Deah?? Ben consumed them too quickly to appreciate their cuteness but he gave them two paws up for 'hazzing flavor'!


In keeping with the' cookies for animals' theme, I made some Camelid Cookies for Llamas/Alpaca last weekend.

Shredded zucchini, oatmeal, wheat flour, salt and a dash of molasses. Yum-NOT!

They were only slightly more appetizing looking when they came out of the oven, but with those ingredients I though the llamas would love them. Not so much. They turned up their llama-ly noses and went back to munching the stinging nettles and thistles in the pasture. They preferred the prickly texture and toxic taste of prairie weeds to the rubbery concoctions that I baked for them with so much love. Now THAT's an insult!

I'll take them to the barn and try them on the goats Wednesday night. So far, I haven't found anything they WON'T eat, or at least try to eat, including my pink bandanna and an empty cat food can. If they turn them down, then into the trash they go.

In other news, I worked at the barn  on Sunday, rough and tumble style, and escaped unscathed. Eddie-the-turkey-1/Molly Bee -0 but it was a half-heated attempt and didn't hurt all that much.  Our 'personal best' day was Eddie-4/Molly Bee-0.  I was not a happy camper that day! But I came home from lugging heavy things, wrangling pigs, goats and what not, dealing with Eddie and climbing fences only to stub my foot on my own dining room chair, that was just sitting there placidly minding its own business, and broke my pinkie toe.

It hurt like a sunuva when I did it, but it's not so bad now, although it looks worse now than it does in the photo. I have to wear flip flops because I can't put my shoe on.  I walk even more like a duck that I usually do in the flip flops. Especially since I have to keep my foot kind of sideways and lead with my thumb-toe so that the pinkie toe doesn't bend.  At least my ring-finger-toe, my pointy-finger-toe and the toe I give bad drivers are all ok!  The true test will be tomorrow night when I have to put on my boots and deal with Eddie again. Not only will the boots hurt, by I may be a bit lacking in the agility department so he may get more than 4 licks in ! I'll keep you posted as to the score!