Sad Day Down on the Farm

Got a call today that the old rooster at the farm was discovered dead in the pasture last night. Roberto was a nice rooster. He didn't peck me and he liked to be picked up and snuggled. He always kept a close eye on everyone and supervised the chores. He was old and it was really hot out and I'm thinking it was a combination that cooked his to speak. The farm owner said that she didn't see any signs that he was attacked by any of the usual suspects out in the yard but you know how that goes. The other inmates always claim they never saw a thing. She's thinking of having an autopsy done.  I don't think that's necessary really; sounds like natural causes to me, but it's not my call.  Although if a certain tom turkey should happen to turn up, uh... ' life-challenged'... possibly with his head on backwards and his sharp, pointy, evil, beak pointing over his tail,  just bury his feathery a$$ and don't ask any questions OK? Just sayin'.  I'd hate to be sent up the river to the big house for turkey murder when there are so many more worthy charges.

Roberto, you will be missed.


Kitty Mommy said…
If they don't do an autopsy, will they do a BBQ? And if a certain tom turkey goes toes up, I'm thinking maybe mid-November???
Lisa/knitnzu said…
adios roberto, vaya con dios...

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