Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy Busy Bee

Between work, the farm and socially things, I've been running around like a headless, barnyard fowl again. I know ONE barnyard fowl I wish was headless-or at least beak-less.  Eddie, the attack turkey, has formally decided that I am public enemy # 1 in his 'hood and has become relentless. He tries to mate with the other volunteer and tries to kill me. Story of my life. It's hard to do my chores when I'm defending myself with a leaf rake.  I'm not always successful even with that!
But it hasn't been all work and no play.  The Naughty Girls came over to my house Friday night for Knit Night.   It was uber hot so we decided to set the AC on 'arctic' and chill (literally and figuratively) at Chez Bee this time. I made a taco salad and an apple pie that I wasn't ashamed of for a change.

Dale brought cheese and ice cream for the pie. Elizabeth brought cookies and caramel sauce and Jen made a fabulous kohlrabi/beet/peanut sauce salad and a fresh, peach, upside down cake.  We had a lovely supper and then rolled ourselves into the living room to get some knitting done. They didn't leave until after midnight and not of us turned into a pumpkin. I love my knitting sistahs!

Saturday morning I awoke to find this lovely in my sink. (Primal Scream!!!!!!) I grabbed a tissue....then another....then another...but I couldn't bring myself to squish him fearing I'd only wound him and he'd turn on me. So I went and got something more substantial ( a shoe- just like in the phone commercial)  for the job.  Problem solved. I needed the three tissues to clean up the monumental schmoosh spot in my sink.

I recruited Joey and Steve to come over for coffee on Saturday morning to dispatch the remains of the apple pie. I had a small piece on Friday night and was determined not to finish it off over the weekend. They are obedient lads and scurried right over.  They brought me a lovely bouquet of Farmer's Market flowers.  Joey said that if I'd baked them an entire pie, I would have gotten the vase too.  I have the best friends ever!

Saturday afternoon found me in Mt. Horeb at the Art Festival.  It was uber hot. I can't imagine wearing a wool tam and a Santa Claus beard in that humidity, but this gentleman did it, and made beautiful music to boot!

There was a new troll in town. I'm assuming he's the mayor with all the medals and the key and all....
I was pretty much a grumpy troll by the time I made it up and down main street.  Hot! Hot! Hot!
But I did buy myself a spoon ring which is really different and I got to stop in the air-conditioned comfort of Witchery Stitchery and say howdy to Delma and Mary Ellen which is always a treat.

Sunday morning I was back at the farm and despite drinking tons of water, I was heat sick by the time my shift was done. Came home with a headache, nausea and leg cramps. Spent the afternoon on the couch but revived somewhat by evening. My next shift is tomorrow which is supposed to be 99° with a heat index of 110°. I'll take double the water with me and hope for the best. If it has to be that hot, I hope it's at least hot enough to roast a ^&*#$  turkey!


MadCityMike said...

SPIDER!!!!!! "SHUDDER........."

terri browne said...

Wow, you have been a Busy Bee! I love the mayor troll - too cute!

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