Olbrich Gardens: Butterfly Days

I've been meaning to get to Olbrich for the last few weekends to see the butterflies and well...you know how it goes.... So today, since I think it ends in a week or so,  I finally went over there.

I took my buddy Hannah Banana from next door with me.
We saw waterfalls...
 Koi fish (Hannah calls the white one with black spots the 'cow fish').
 Beautiful flowers (Doesn't this orchid look like it's in the depths of a dark cool glen? In actuality the conservatory was eleventy-billion degrees and humid!  Butterfly weather!)
We saw a lot of butterflies but only Monarchs and Yellow Swallow Tails.  I think maybe the others have lived out their two week lifespan and we missed them.
 Double click on this one to biggify.  It's worth it.
 The beautiful colors of the butterflies and the vividly hues of the flowers was breathtaking.

My Swallow Tail photos didn't come out because they were in constant motion so it's all Monarchs I guess. We even got to see one that had just come out of it's cocoon and was still wet. Pretty awesome.

We went to Culvers for lunch afterward and stopped quick into Pet World to see all of the animals. I got to hold a Fat-Tailed Gecko and now want one....of course. He was much cuter than the one in the Geico commercials! I didn't hear him talk though. I was kinda relieved about that.

After we go home, there was a knock at my door and there was Hannah with a wonderful thank you card and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to thank me for taking her to Olbrich.  I should have thanked her, she was wonderful company!

Next time: I finished a couple if knitting projects to report on!!!!


terri browne said…
I regret that we never made it to Olbrich when we lived in Madison. The pics are beautiful! You are such a wonderful neighbor to take Hannah with you -- we still wish you'd move up so you could be our neighbor again!
Anonymous said…
Hello wonderful neighbor and Ms. Hannah Banana!!

Thank you for the tootsie roll!! It was a great surprise!!

I am going to pack some boxes for Soldiers this weekend. If you're bored, maybe you will help?

Nice to see you lovely ladies having fun!!