Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small

I've had requests for pics so I finally took my camera to the farm today to get mug shots of some of the perpetrators...

These are the kids.  The second from the left is Frosty. He lost some of his ears to frost bite. The one on the far right almost ate my bangs off today when we were snuggling on the goat jungle gym in the background. He was all nuzzley and then *chomp*. Thanks goodness he let go; I woulda had a hard time explaining that to Stylist-Scott!

This is Gracie. She has given me new appreciation for geese. I'd only encountered nasty ones in the past, but Gracie is like a big, old, goofy, dog. She likes to see what everyone's doing and supervises most activities. When Beatrice and Henrietta, the pigs, broke loose of their outside pen on Friday night, she was at the head of the pig parade,  honking and running full tilt ahead of them the whole length of the barn when they thundered down to their inside stall. Always part of the action.
 This is the turkey herd.  Tom has gotten over pushing his boundaries with me and ignores me pretty much now. I am in love with the turkey on the outside of the fence. Why is she on the outside of the fence you ask? Because every time I put her over the fence and into the pen, she flies out, comes back in the barn, finds me and starts a distressed 'I don't know where my friends are' call.  Then she turns around backwards and gets in position so I  can pick her up and lug her back outside and put her back over the fence. Lather, rinse repeat at least a dozen times today alone.  Why? Because she's discovered that she likes to be picked up and given 'rides' by her human slaves. She is such a sweetie! A real snuggle turkey.
 We have three ducklings. I swear to G*d we do.  Here are two.  Do you know how difficult it is to get two ducks in the same frame, let alone three?  These guys have grown a lot in just the last week!
 You can't tell by this picture, but this rooster is the size of a pigeon. He more than makes up for it in personality. He is in the pen with the three ducks and spends his days monitoring the swimming pool whenever one or more of the ducklings is in there. He only lets them stay so long and then he badgers them out of the water but flapping at them. He is the lifeguard on duty. I call him Hoff...short for Hasselhoff of course! He also loves to be held and petted.
This is Thor. We have another llama, Nick.  The only thing worse than trying to get the three ducks in one frame is getting the two llamas to pose together. Nick was in the pucker brush so I couldn't even get a clear single shot. On my first day, they wouldn't come to anyone and wouldn't stand to be touched. Every time I've been in, I go in their pen and just stand in there and talk to them. I don't approach them or try to touch.  Today, I went out in the pasture and called Nick and he came bolting clear across the field to me. Kinda freaked me out!  I thought, "Oh this will be a great blog entry, 'Molly Bee Viciously Attacked And Eaten By Mad Llama'. But he stopped just short of me and put his nose on mine.  And Thor let me pat his neck!  It's the small victories!

Working at the farm is hard physically. It's a sweaty, filthy job, especially in the heat and humidity we've been having. And I can't think of one thing I'd rather be doing. Being with the animals restores my soul in so many ways. Also, even though it's within minutes of my house, it's in 'the country' and reminds me so much of home. I've been needing that for a long time. I'm not a city girl.
Flowers and Barn Boards
This million dollar view is worth the price of admission!

This is actually my favorite view, but I stupidly got my poo-covered wheelbarrow in the shot. Oh well, that gives you an example of one of the things I do when I'm there right? Mucking stalls and sweeping the barn comes with the territory!

May each and every one of you find something that fills your heart with this much peace and joy!


MadCityMike said...

Ahhhhhhhaaaaaa! "The" llama whisperer..........

Michelle said...

I just love hearing how you've found your heart's passion; the critters are lucky to have you!

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